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Oct 30 2012

What I want to be when I Grow up

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There are a lot of times where we are uncertain of what choices we should make. For instance, what should I eat for lunch? Should I make a healthy salad or shrimp flavored ramen? However, these choices are easy to make and they don’t really make a big impact on your life. The decision-making I’m talking about regards your future. The most important decision for many of is deciding what we want to be when we grow up. The career we would like to pursue. Although this decision is the most important it is also the most difficult to make. We are all humans, so it’s natural for us to change our minds and make a wrong decision. Throughout the course of our lives we are always changing how we will envision ourselves in the future. We are uncertain of what we want to be and now that we are in college, it’s time we start considering our near future seriously.

Most of you began with wanting to be a princess or a power ranger. I remember I first wanted to be a combination of a princess and a fairy. After, realizing such careers are nonexistent in our world, I moved on to my next phase- the ballerina phase. Apparently, ballerinas have to actually learn ballet instead of just walking around the house in a pink tutu, so that phase ended. Around this time I started school and I thought being a teacher is the best possible thing I could be when I grow up. Going to school for a few more years changed my mind, so I decided I rather be a celebrity when I grow up. After that phase was the becoming a doctor phase, but after seeing the textbook for my AP bio class was, I again changed my mind. The phases continue on like a never-ending cycle. Even to this day I am undecided of my future. I currently want to major in accounting, but I don’t know when I will change my mind again.

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