Nov 28 2012

Enrichment Workshop

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Of all the enrichment workshops I’ve been to during freshman orientation is the visit to the Rubin Museum. The environment of this workshop is much preferred over the other ones. I enjoyed the peaceful and quiet aura the museum produced. I enjoyed the unique and modern architecture of the museum building. I enjoyed the intake of new knowledge I  captured regarding a somewhat intriguing topic. I enjoyed staring at the artifacts and paintings available. I think I enjoyed almost every aspect of this workshop, except for the walking. I admit I am a lazy person and it was also a cold day. If only the Rubin Museum was closer to Baruch, like right next door.

My favorite part of the Rubin Museum enrichment workshop was the shrine. It’s my first time seeing a shrine of this sort. It made me feel eerily relaxed and peaceful. It also made me want to go take a nap for a while. This came as a surprise for me, since I usually don’t like being in dark places and seeing a lot of lighted candles. I usually prefer bright rooms with a lot of windows and emptiness. I believe this trip is the most enriching to me, so it earned a place in my heart as being my favorite enrichment workshop of my experiences in freshmen orientation.


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  1.   DDeCrescenzo-froon 29 Nov 2012 at 6:16 PM

    I’m glad you enjoyed the trip, Tracy. What an interesting reaction to the shrine — I wonder if you’d have a similar reaction if you visited again. Thanks for your comments!