Nov 28 2012

Time at Baruch

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I thought after I graduated high school I would escape the poorly developed faucets that are available in bathrooms. I was wrong. Baruch uses the same faucets where one hand must be kept on the faucet for water to come out. A dilemma emerges where I am made unable to rub my hands together to get rid of soap residue. I am therefore forced to adapt by using only one hand to accomplish this task. It is as if the college is discouraging us to properly wash our hands after each use of the porcelain facilities.

However, if interested in the prospect of being able to wash your hands adequately, I have discovered the third floor bathrooms in the VC building to be embellished with automatic sinks. And the the bathroom on the 7th floor of the library building has one lone sink that actually has handles that you turn to keep the water running. This information only regards female facilities.

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  1.   DDeCrescenzo-froon 29 Nov 2012 at 6:14 PM

    It’s funny how some small things (sink faucets, water fountains) can make a big difference! Thanks for the tips 🙂