Career Workshop

Yesterday I attended a career workshop for the final blog post. It was a meeting of a group at Baruch called the PRSSA and this specific meeting was entitled ‘Going Solo’. The event was held yesterday (Tuesday) and was on the fourth floor, it was at twelve thirty. It was a pretty small event not to many people were there, there may have been around twenty five students there. The actual people holding the event seemed to be very much into it there were about six or seven people there who were not students but either presenters or part of the PRSSA. To be entirely honest I thought the event was sort of mundane. But some people there did seem to get a lot out of the whole thing. The event was centered around PR and maybe that is the reason why I did not find it to be that interesting being that I am an economics major. There were two people who spoke who are part of the PRSSA and then there were three business owners who spoke who of course were not part of the PRSSA, one of the business owners was actually a Baruch graduate. The event lasted to about one forty five. Two of the speakers at the event talked a little too quietly it was tough to hear them, even though we were in a small room, it was not a lecture hall it was a room similar to the Freshman Seminar classroom. I went to this meeting as sort of a last minute thing, I went with two of my friends. I had forgotten my Freshman Seminar Workbook at home so I just took down a signature on a pain sheet of loose leaf paper. All together I do not think I will be attending another PRSSA meeting.

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