music Club

Today, i went to go check out the Music club that we have in Baruch. On my way there i had no clue what to expect. I thought it was going to be more of an classical and instrumental music club, with people who i would probably have no similar interests with. When i got there i realized that it was totally different. walking in i heard a lot of different hip-hop playing in the background as well of a lot of hip – hop inspired students inside. When i walked in i immediately felt comfortable. I felt a good vibe from everybody in there as well as positive energy. I was shocked at the full studio and producing room that they had in the club, i found it amazing especially since it was the first time that i have seen a studio. I hope by joining this club i will meet a lot of new people and friends, Im also interested in seeing how music is composed and produced. I hope that i get to meet some artists that we have in school. Watch them go to work. I cannot wait to see what comes next for The Music club.

As well as the music club i hope to join the MSA which is short for the Muslim Student Association. I am interested in this club because my brother had a big Role in the MSA for hunter and talked only about good things for the club. I hope to visit the next MSA meeting and meet new people. I Hope that the Muslim student Association teaches me a lot more about my religion (Islam) as well as hopefully guide me back on track for preying five times a day.

These are the two clubs that i hope to join throughout my baruch student life as well as many more yet to come.The

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