FRO blog; MoMA

The first activity that I attended in my first year in Baruch was that I went to Museum Of Modern Art(MoMA) with my several friends on last Friday. Museum Of Modern Art is an art museum located in 53rd street between 5th and 6th Avenue. MoMA has been very important in developing and collecting modernist’s art. There were many famous paintings from many well known artists. For example, the painting ‘water lilies’ from Claude Monet. And also the most impressive painting for me is the painting ‘Starry night’ from Van Gogh. Because I usually see the painting ‘Starry Night’ from the internet, magazines or TVs, so I was really excited when I saw the real ‘Starry night.’ Furthermore, the scale of the museum really surprised me because there are no such big and formal museum in my hometown. There were 6 floors in this building and it took me 3-4 hours to hang around this museum.

To be honest, It is my first time to visit a art exhibition. By watching those products of arts, it opens my eyesight. It helps me to learn a lot of different cultures through watching those art products which were produced in different years or decades. And I also believe that these could help me on my history class and anthropology class, which means it could give me some background informations about historical events. In addition, these really gave me a better understanding in some area.

I think going to museum is a good way for me to release my stress. Actually, there are pretty quiet in the museum. Therefore, I can just walk alone on the museum and enjoy the artistic product. It probably will give me some inspiration which is good for my academic essay. Furthermore, I would like to join more these kind of activities. It can help me to learn more new things.

Joining Toast Masters Club


I was confused and overwhelmed as I went through the list of clubs at Baruch. Baruch has many different clubs to cater to different kinds of students who possess different interests and ambitions in mind. I had no idea what clubs would interest me and where I would best fit in. I wasn’t halfway through the list when my friend, Rafal Wobbeltrovsky, texted me asking if I would like to go check out Toast Masters Club with him. He mentioned that it was a club focused on public speaking and that it helps in the development of astounding public speaking skills. That quickly caught my attention.

I developed a passion for public speaking at a young age. I admire people who have the power to impact people positively through their ability to speak well. I hope to be a public speaker one day, regardless of my career, and this is why I found Toast Masters interesting. I saw it as an opportunity to develop my public speaking skills and gain confidence by speaking in front of the 70+ members it currently has. Mike, Toast Master’s president was very welcoming and enthusiastically ironed out all the details of the club. He told me I had a lot to look forward to after I briefly mentioned my passion for public speaking. Mike also mentioned that improvisation was a part of what they do. He said members are given random prompts and are asked to give a short speech about the given topic. That sounded fun because that gave members flexibility and the room for creativity to say whatever they wanted pertaining to the prompt. I did that all the time in high school. In fact, that’s how I got my 12th-grade Economics teacher to think so highly of me. I am glad Rafal wobbeltrovsky told me what Toast Masters was about because I would have never guessed otherwise.

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. Rafal Wobbeltrovsky on the left and Daniel Molotovsky on the right


Fro blog: The UCLA club

Baruch sucks so I tried to convince myself to stay in this institution. The best way was to interact with people at the clubs. The first week I joined Beta Alpha Psi, hoping that I’ll meet new people with the same desire and vision as me. I came late to their first meeting, missing half of their introduction. After the presentation, people would talk to professionals, forming a network. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the chance to speak with the professionals and graduates, but I did managed to speak with fellow Beta Alpha Psi members, whom they gave me crucial advises. On top of this misfortune, I was really disappointed that they didn’t have any leftover pizza, which ultimately led me to look for another club.

Recently, I was invited by a friend I met during convocation day to the UCLA club. The club name stands for United Chinese Language Association. Despite my different ethnic background, the club members assimilated me warm-heartedly. Unlike many other clubs/organizations where they hold boring general interest meetings (I’m talking to Beta Alpha Psi), the UCLA has this energetic vibe in the atmosphere when you first enter the room of 175 on the 10th floor. The UCLA members, with their optimistic smile welcome you into the room. In addition, they would ask a lot of questions (which I resort them to be a bit of a nuisance), to fellow new members in an attempt to engage a conversation. The general interest meetings are quick, but at the same time detailed with information concerning the next event/general interesting meeting. The beginning of the meeting, the club members would introduce themselves. Then they would showcase the details of their next event. Following that, we would play ice breaker games. These games would involve working as a team and is a great way to spend leisure time from cramming your textbooks. After all of that, we have a little fellowship, where we eat together and socialize with other people. The best part of the club is the food! Unlike other clubs (again talking to Beta Alpha Psi), they have extra food so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the meal. Overall, if you’re new to Baruch or would love to interact with other people or would love to eat, then this club is for you. I met so many new people here and would definitely recommend this club to anyone I know.

Fro Blog Post #1- Joining Ascend and Model UN

Two clubs I anticipated on joining during my time in Baruch was UNICEF and Model UN. Both of these clubs work on the progress of humanity and informing society about the problems around us. On Thursday, September 7th, I accomplished one of my goals.  On Thursday, my friend and I attended the GIM for Model UN in the USG conference room.

The meeting started off with an introduction from the president of Model UN, the treasurer, and other board members. It segued into a game of ice breaker where everyone split up into four groups. I was part of the “The Ones” group with the treasures, Laura. Although my group attained one point, we were not able to win. Afterwards, the board of members began their presentation on what Model UN was about.

Model UN

From the GIM, I learned that United Nations was created after the WWII, in hopes of keeping peace around the world so another world war occurs. Also, everyone in United Nations voluntarily joins. Some aspects that attracted me to part of Model UN was how all members actively work together to represent a problem or a country. Also, there are meetings where all Model UN members, even from foreign countries come together to debate. This is a great opportunity for me to come out of my comfort zone, to meet new people, and improve my public speaking skills. In New York City, the annual Model UN meeting would be held, and in this meeting, we may get to be acquainted with United Nation members. I plan to get involved by attending upcoming Model UN meetings and reserving my Friday nights to prepare for the NY and Canada meetings.

Another club my friends and I joined together was Ascend. Ascend aims to connect business major students to corporations. It prepares students to ace their job interviews, help with resumes, and help students find internships. Although I was late to the GIM meeting for Ascend, the board members walked me through the club, and it seemed like a welcoming club.


music Club

Today, i went to go check out the Music club that we have in Baruch. On my way there i had no clue what to expect. I thought it was going to be more of an classical and instrumental music club, with people who i would probably have no similar interests with. When i got there i realized that it was totally different. walking in i heard a lot of different hip-hop playing in the background as well of a lot of hip – hop inspired students inside. When i walked in i immediately felt comfortable. I felt a good vibe from everybody in there as well as positive energy. I was shocked at the full studio and producing room that they had in the club, i found it amazing especially since it was the first time that i have seen a studio. I hope by joining this club i will meet a lot of new people and friends, Im also interested in seeing how music is composed and produced. I hope that i get to meet some artists that we have in school. Watch them go to work. I cannot wait to see what comes next for The Music club.

As well as the music club i hope to join the MSA which is short for the Muslim Student Association. I am interested in this club because my brother had a big Role in the MSA for hunter and talked only about good things for the club. I hope to visit the next MSA meeting and meet new people. I Hope that the Muslim student Association teaches me a lot more about my religion (Islam) as well as hopefully guide me back on track for preying five times a day.

These are the two clubs that i hope to join throughout my baruch student life as well as many more yet to come.The

Blog #1-Student life: Ascend & UCLA

Regardless of being a hermit upon my arrival at Baruch, I quickly got out of my shell. Joining clubs gave me the opportunity to be a down-to-earth and extrovert individual. I can build relationships naturally with students of parallel interest. I wasn’t as hesitant to join clubs as most people; Reflecting back to high school, I was an active participant. I joined: Key club, Knitting club, Heart club, Math Honor Society club, and Student Advocates for Animal Rights club. These clubs prepared me to step out of my comfort zone and play the role of a leader or decision maker.


I made a decision to join UCLA and Ascend. These two clubs constantly unite for monthly events. I was able to sense an intimate connection, in particular with UCLA because it shared a culture of my own, and gave good vibes.

I’m very enthusiastic about the creativity of visual arts as it serves as a human expression. In high school, I majored in Art. I took the courses: Draw from Figure, Mixed Media, Sculpture, and Painting. Correspondingly, I attended an event for Lantern Making in honor of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. I can imagine red flying paper lanterns as a moment of romantic and personal time. It portrays good luck. The action of releasing the lantern in the air represents letting go our past self.


In the incoming weeks, I am super thrilled about the collaboration of Ascend and UCLA to go to the celebration of KTV & Dinner. Furthermore, this will prepare qualified individuals to participate in a singing contest towards the end of the fall semester. Not only will I be able spend more time to play piano as a leisure activity, but also for the first time I may be able to aid those who needs instrumental backup in conformity with singing.

At Ascend I received a succint speech that the leaders will give us professional guidance to foster in the career of business. I can maintain bridges and network with people globally. Members will have mentorship by the knowledgeable leaders. Clubs will help me relieve stress because I won’t feel the guilt of escaping from school work for a while. To add on, I won’t feel obligated. In conclusion, yet I have to be honest that a priority reason for joining is it will look impressive on job or college applications and resumes.


Student Life: Muslim Student Association

As a new student in Baruch, I strove to make new friends. I already had a few friends from Bronx Science who currently attend Baruch, but I wanted to make more connections in this exciting, new setting. Inzamam, one of my friends from high school, is the vice president of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and he suggested I come along to meet new people and get a feel for the club. I was part of the MSA at Bronx Science, but I didn’t feel comfortable because of how close everybody already seemed to be. I felt a little hesitant when Inzamam asked me to come but I went along because I thought it could be different from high school. And yes, my instincts were correct. It was different.

Once entering the lecture room where the MSA was having the meeting, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who were attending. There were many different types of people, most of whom who practice Islam and a general few who wanted to gain knowledge about the religion.

What caught me aback was the vast number of people standing as board members.

They all introduced themselves and it turned out that it was actually a mixture of three different clubs. There was the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Muslim Business Association (MBA), and Women In Islam (WII). The latter two clubs peaked my interest in this organization as a whole because I’ve only ever heard of the MSA.

The MSA regards the spiritual aspects of Islam, the MBA is about the professional and career aspects, and WII concerns about the women and their role in Islam. All of the board members were very fun and intriguing. They all have different majors which made me feel more comfortable, as I was a Biology major attending a Business school.

They gave out Thai food, which I’ve never had in my life so I enjoyed the meeting even more. Everyone around me was fun and friendly. I really felt included and I can see myself as an active member of the club.

Fro blog post 1-Student Life

It was Convocation day during the Club Carnival and I already knew that I wanted to join a club, I just didn’t know which one to join. I was walking around looking at all the club’s tables and reading their pamphlets when a guy carrying three boxes of pizza asked me if I wanted some pizza, I of course said yes and he said all I have to do is join Hillel. At that point I did not know what Hillel was, but if free pizza was involved I know I wanted in. I followed him to the room to eat the pizza and that is where I saw a whole bunch of people wearing Yarmulkes, and I thought to myself, “okay this is interesting” So I stayed there and listened to what they had to say and I found out that Hillel is the center of Jewish culture here at Baruch. I am not Jewish and neither were some of the other students in the room, but that was okay they told me because they want more people to join, they are accepting of everyone. I found it very interesting so I decided to stick with the club to see what it has to offer. Since then I have gone to two meetings and it has been a lot of fun. I found out that they have different little clubs within this one club and they are very diverse in what they do, for example, they have a club called BOSS which is a primarily Russian club for Russian students, but of course they encourage everyone to join. They are very involved with the different school activities and cultural activities which I also found interesting because I love to learn things about different cultures and different people and I feel that it falls very well with me because I am an International Business major and I will be interacting with many different people from around the world.

Fro Blog#1- Alpha Kappa Psl

Last Thursday, I went to some clubs to see am I interested to join. However, I choose to participated in Alpha Kappa Psl which is an organization helps you to developed professional skills that includes dress code, speaking, resumes and etc. in business fields. I went to this meeting and make my decision to join is because it is really good for my major as being an accountant to work with business in the future.

The members that was taking charge of the club were very welcome. There was a girl named Sarah, she invited me and my friends to go in and very friendly to introduced herself at first then telling us not to worry because we were the only freshmans in that meeting. We had some food right before the meeting starts and the president introduced the club with a presentation. It provided fully details such as what activity they have been doing in the past few years and how does the club helps to develop your business professional skills by walking with you step by step. Also in order to become a member, I have to be qualify by going to 3 events such as 1 general interest meeting, 1 professional, and 1 social or philanthropy in order to meet the standard for this club.

Lastly, I hope I wouldn’t regret on the decision I made. I am so excited to make some new friends in the club which we could help each other in the path to be successful as the life goes. I am really to get more involved and learn more about what the club has provided.

Fro Blog Post #1(Student Life)

This Last Thursday I joined the E-sport club at Baruch. I also joined the Anime club as well the Thursday before that but I only took this one picture at  the E-sports one. Bart Actually introduce to me to the club which previously did not know of. Thank you Bart if you are reading this. I’ll see you there 🙂

To talk about the E sport. Although I’m new to it, I learned that it not only just a “gaming club” but also a place to make new friends. It’s a place to connect with those who have similar taste in video games and create bonds. On the video side, they have both casual and competitive, so if you just like playing basics fun games with friends or like to be competitive in videos games this is the place for you. I hope to continue my journey with the E-sports club and make new friends.

To talk about the Anime club. Once again, it a really cool place as well. Anime club It pretty self explanatory, it’s a great place for somebody who loves anime and connect with those who share the same love for anime.  You can build bonds with others and talk about anime that you watch or perhaps learn about new anime as well. They also host events through out the year that pertain to anime, I forgot exactly what they were but if it peaks your interest I highly suggest you look em up and join.

Overall,  Both clubs are awesome and are not to be overlook. If you have a love or interest for videos games both casual and competitve than e-sports club is something to look up. If you love Anime like One piece, Naruto and attack on titan, than give anime club a try.