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Today i was able to visit the Starr Career Development Center, This is my first time visiting the Career Development Center. I havent had an chance to attend any meetings yet due to my family/work schedule but I plan to attend the next upcoming meeting. I am excited to attend the meeting because I would like an opportunity and advice to begin my journey in the Business world. I want to be an Investment banker and i hope that The Starr Career Development center can push me forward. This is great to have in our school because before learning more about it, I was completely lost on how ti begin Internships and entry level career decisions that i now know that Starr helps you with.

Academic Blog

A few weeks ago, I visited the Guggenheim museum. The Guggenheim mostly has modern art inside of it but there are paintings and sculptures that have a more classic style. Thanks to Baruch I was able to get a discount for my ticket inside. I arrived at the museum right before a lot of the modern art exhibits closed so I only got to check a few of them out. I got to see a lot of paintings that were not apart of the exhibits that were closing early and they were really nice. They reminded me of Renaissance style art and they looked very old fashioned. I don’t remember the dates that were on all of them but a lot of the paintings I saw were from the 1800’s. Not all of the paintings that I saw were Renaissance style, however. There was also art from the 19th century that tried to emulate Picasso with its abstract nature and some even looked like they were trying to look like Salvador Dali paintings. There were also some nice black and white photographs that looked like someone’s art studio. The sculptures I saw were a little odd. The ones I saw were wooden sculptures. These ones did not make a lot of sense to me because I could not see the meaning in them no matter how hard I tried. They were very well made and I definitely would not be able to make something like that but they did not make sense to me. The paintings were a lot more intuitive because I was able to feel what the artist wanted me to feel just by looking at it. Overall, I enjoyed my somewhat short visit to the Guggenheim. I wasn’t able to see much because of the time that I went but I would be willing to go again at a better time.

Blog Post 3 – Academic

Last week, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. During my time, I explored the Ancient Egypt exhibit. It was one of my assignments to visit historical museum for my history course. The Ancient Egypt exhibit was huge. I took me almost 3 hours to finish the exhibit. I saw a pottery model of their lifestyle where it had houses, slaughter house for domestic animals and more.  It was interesting to see that they had various boat styles for various events. For example, ancient Egyptians had specific style of boat for carrying deceased person and specific boat for pregnant woman. Most of all, the most important part of the exhibit was the mummies and coffins. They had a lot of coffins ranging from old ones to the recently excavated ones. Each coffin had different writings and drawings on it. Some of them were large in size and some of them were small as 5 feet in height. The rooms that they had coffins were low light that it was scary to look at the coffins. In addition, the museum had a large room where they created the environment of ancient Egypt. What I mean by that is they had small houses where you can enter and inside will be Egyptians writing on the walls. Moreover, museum also had Ancient Egyptians’ jewelries weapons and potteries they used during their daily lives.

Overall, I liked my visit to the museum because I get see the actual items of the ancient Egypt. It is incredible to see their artistic skills in writings and carvings on the coffins to create the image of pharaohs. I believe the museum visit was useful and informative since it contributed to my learning and it brought visualization since my textbook contains black and white colored images. I recommend this museum for those who are taking the prehistory course.

Blog Post 2 – Career

Couple weeks ago, I went to the Cover Letter Workshop that was offered by Sigma Alpha Delta. The Career Development committee from the Sigma Alpha Delta organized this event. Specifically, Devon and Rachael were the leaders of this event. Nevertheless, the workshop was taught by a guest from the STARR Career Development Center. I forgot her name. Anyways, I was seeking for this workshop because I needed help with writing my own cover letter. This workshop was helpful not only for freshman, but also for upperclassmen as they seek to tweak their own cover letter to have the best one. I went to the workshop with my friend and he also needed help with writing his own cover letter. We took notes and participated in group discussions. The STARR representative gave us general tips on cover letter. She told us about the format, do’s and don’ts and examples to show what she meant in the tips. She shared some examples of cover letters where the writer exaggerated his or herself and some writers being authentic or sounding natural. The most important tip I learned was not writing my cover letter as my resume such that I list my experiences word to word based on the chronological order of my resume. She also touched on skills that employers want to see and how we can describe our skills with strong words.

After the event, we got a chance to talk with Devon. He walked us through his experience with STARR Career Development Center and the impact of cover letter in interviews. My time during the workshop went well. Devon and STARR member offered us to bring our cover letter once it is written. Thus, they can review my cover letter. I believe it is important to update our resumes and cover letters because it will change over the four years.


Blog Post 1 – Student Life

The club I visited was UNICEF. Initially, I didn’t know much about the club nor the organization, although I saw the UNICEF tags on soccer team jerseys or banners. UNICEF stands for United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund and they advocate and fundraise toward helping children across the countries in education, protection and child survival. In Baruch, UNICEF club fundraises money for the actual program and work with UNICEF to plan events. Last year, the team went to the UNICEF headquarters to gain more insight of what UNICEF does. At Baruch, the club does bake sale to raise money to help those unprivileged children in other countries. While my time at the meeting, they wanted everybody to engage with others with their fun activities. First, we watched a video of UNICEF going to countries and helping children to get clean water and providing education that brought tears to the viewers. Seeing children stand in line to get clean water or going to classes where they are being taught outside without a roof made me feel sympathetic. Then, we played ice breakers and bingo and found out interesting things about each other. This club made me realize that there is something we can do help others outside of obtaining our degree. It helped us to feel empowered. Everybody had fun and asked questions afterwards. At the end of the day, we are the next generation and we can change the world. If we look around the world, many influencer put their efforts to help others outside of their work or career. Life is not all about attaining your dream job. It is also helping others to become successful especially those who are unable to get education. I love the initiatives the schools are taking and promoting to help for good cause. Members of the club love what they do and makes them feel accomplished for taking such initiative.

Fro blog post #3 Starr workshop

Yesterday, I attended a Starr workshop on Job search strategies. My goal coming into the workshop was learning ways to getting a job of course and other possible tips that may help me effectively get a job.

Throughout the workshop, Sandra Kubrat who was our host, talked about multiple strategies and do and don’ts when looking for a job. Kubrat first started off by telling us never to go around asking for jobs constantly as it makes us seem desperate which can be looked upon unfavorably by employers.

Later on, she explains on making connections. Connections being people that can put you on to oppurtunities later in life. I agree on this as it important to make connections so you can hop on the opportunities.

Later on, Sandra taught us about how starr development center can help in our search for jobs. She explains that Starr offers many services like reviewing your resume to help improve it. Also, Starr offers self-evaluation test both in person and online. This can help you find out different career paths that are aligned with your interest.

Overall, the workshop was very helpful for me and I recommend for any who needs help in their career path to sign up for a workshop or just head out to the SCDC on the 2nd floor.



academic blog- starr workshop

Today me i attended a starr career workshop. It was about helping people find jobs and how to find and pursue a job we want to do in life and how to connect to others and how those connects could help us in the future.

The workshop i attended was Job search techniques which was taught by sandra kubrat, one of the many people that work at starr and that could help you at walk in hours or scheduled meetings.

The workshop told us about how to take mock interviews and tests online on the starr site to see what we were compatible with and what jobs were possibly suitable and or interesting to us.

Sandra spoke about how any job experience is beneficial when applying to jobs and or speaking at interviews every job has its own experience and difficulties learning it and managing it, all the skills you learn will help you in your future jobs you just don’t know it yet.

Sandra also spoke about how connections play a massive part in getting a job. She said it was easier to get a job through family or friends connections that it is getting one through online applications. Sandra told us about how to find connections with baruch alumni and how they could help us find jobs if they reply to you. Sandra also told us about information sessions you could attend to that are offered to by large companies and how they could inspire you to apply to that job or work in that field. They could also help you in establishing connections with that said company and they might become interested in you and offer you positions as an intern later.

Overall the workshop was very informational and showed me that you have to be persistent and want to get out there and make those connections with those around me so that i could succeed in life.

Career Workshop- Blog #3

Today, I attended a career workshop and the subject of the workshop was Careers in Marketing. The speakers of the workshop were professors who teach at Baruch and were both at one point in a job that was focused on marketing. They created presentations through powerpoint to help us better understand all the different types of jobs in marketing that are out there. This workshop was perfect for me because I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing and found that many of my questions were answered in this workshop during the presentation time as well as at the end when questions were being answered. One of the questions that was asked was “how to understand the marketing world?”. The workshop explored how to navigate certain sections of the overall marketing category and how certain aspects of marketing such as public relations, communications, advertising etc differ but each have their own unique benefits. The workshop also discussed the topic of how to find a job in the marketing field. We learned that in order to successfully get a job, we had to create a resume which made us stand out from all other applicants that employers may receive. By doing this, employers will want to hire people who they deem as dynamic, interesting but most importantly passionate. These qualities are the most important when it comes to applying for a marketing job as well as the right amount of experience. Another useful tool that was highlighted at the workshop was how to make a video which promotes ourselves and ur interests. By making these promotional videos, we can show employers what we are like in our everyday lives as well as our hobbies and interests and makes us seem even more interesting and worth employing. The last thing I learned at the workshop is that the STARR Career Center is always there to help with questions I may have about internships and to help me with my resume. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

9/11 Memorial

Last week, I visited the 9/11 Memorial and it was my first time visiting the actual memorial. Even though I am always around the place, I never felt inclined to visit the memorial. I decided to give it a go so I can write this blog post. I didn’t expect much because I had already seen many pictures of it on the internet, and besides, how much can there be to a memorial? However, I was truly astounded by the beauty of the place when I got there. The atmosphere had completely changed. Whether it was patriotism or tourism, it felt as if everyone there had something to bond over with each other. The vibes were of warmth and unity.

My mother used to work in one of the towers and she fell in love with it. Growing up, I heard a countless number of stories about her time working in the World Trade Center. She would tell her stories with great enthusiasm and after every story, she would stress how much she wanted to go back to her time there. When I was a baby, my mom used to take me to the World Trade Center frequently. There are way too many pictures of baby me in front of the buildings. Since my mom came here when she was very young and had to establish herself from virtually nothing, the towers symbolized hope and success for her. The twin towers were her America and working in one of them was her form of the American Dream. Having said all that, it was pretty emotional to be standing there and realizing that the towers that once stood there so tall and so boldly were no longer there. However, it was heartwarming to see that the victims of  9/11 were being honored in such a fine and respectful manner.

#3- Career Workshop

I went to a career workshop called Let’s Get Starr-ted:Week 4 which was led by Adia Tucker. This workshop went over the importance of having professional online profiles and how we should brand ourselves as a professional. At the beginning of the workshop we talked about the resources that are available on campus, such as the faculty and clubs, which can help us with exploring different occupations and majors. Talking to students and professors of a particular major or field and learning about their experiences can help us get a idea of what the job is like. I think this is a helpful resource since I’m still unsure of what to major in, and I am definitely interested in seeking out this resource. She also gave lots of good recommendations on where to go on campus to get help based on specific majors. Next, we talked about our online profiles. A majority of employers screen job applicants through social networks, and depending on what shows up it can determine whether or not people get hired. LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase you as a professional and it’s easy to control what goes on your profile and page unlike other social platforms. It seems liked a clear way to showcase your experiences and skills to a future employer and is also a great networking tool. Another resource she talked about was getting help on writing or improving a resume and cover letter. After attending this workshop I’m interested in creating a LinkedIn account, getting help on writing a better resume, and also talking to people in the field I would like to enter. My overall experience of this career workshop was that it’s very informative and helped me realize what I should focus on doing next. There are many resources offered and available at Baruch that are useful.