Fro blog: The UCLA club

Baruch sucks so I tried to convince myself to stay in this institution. The best way was to interact with people at the clubs. The first week I joined Beta Alpha Psi, hoping that I’ll meet new people with the same desire and vision as me. I came late to their first meeting, missing half of their introduction. After the presentation, people would talk to professionals, forming a network. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the chance to speak with the professionals and graduates, but I did managed to speak with fellow Beta Alpha Psi members, whom they gave me crucial advises. On top of this misfortune, I was really disappointed that they didn’t have any leftover pizza, which ultimately led me to look for another club.

Recently, I was invited by a friend I met during convocation day to the UCLA club. The club name stands for United Chinese Language Association. Despite my different ethnic background, the club members assimilated me warm-heartedly. Unlike many other clubs/organizations where they hold boring general interest meetings (I’m talking to Beta Alpha Psi), the UCLA has this energetic vibe in the atmosphere when you first enter the room of 175 on the 10th floor. The UCLA members, with their optimistic smile welcome you into the room. In addition, they would ask a lot of questions (which I resort them to be a bit of a nuisance), to fellow new members in an attempt to engage a conversation. The general interest meetings are quick, but at the same time detailed with information concerning the next event/general interesting meeting. The beginning of the meeting, the club members would introduce themselves. Then they would showcase the details of their next event. Following that, we would play ice breaker games. These games would involve working as a team and is a great way to spend leisure time from cramming your textbooks. After all of that, we have a little fellowship, where we eat together and socialize with other people. The best part of the club is the food! Unlike other clubs (again talking to Beta Alpha Psi), they have extra food so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the meal. Overall, if you’re new to Baruch or would love to interact with other people or would love to eat, then this club is for you. I met so many new people here and would definitely recommend this club to anyone I know.

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