My Day at Hillel

At Convocation Day, I was approached by a girl who was part of the Hillel organization, which is the club for all Jewish activities. Being part of my high school’s Jewish Culture Club, I was instantly drawn to this club and knew I had to check it out. I went to the first meeting a bit late but still went and met about 15 new people in less than 20 minutes! Everyone was so welcoming and excited to meet new people, I couldn’t wait to go again next week. I had no idea that going to one club would be able to provide such an eye-opening experience. Noa Bentor, an Israeli singer/songwriter was the speaker for the day, and I can honestly speak for everyone in that lecture hall when saying her story really moved us all. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and just as she was ready to start her journey again, cancer free, she got a call that it was back a second time. The pain she was explaining, we were all able to feel it as she played her songs to audiences. Regardless of what was thrown at her, rather it being different treatments, any more bad news, and just the overall fact of what she was going through, she never thought negatively. Her story showed us the real meaning of strength and how she was able to overcome it with her music. Every note she sings with every beat she plays, you feel the rawness of her voice and the struggle she overcame. In a way it also showed us how this was a form of a journey of self discovering and growth. This experience was able to show her there is much more to life and being happy is one of the most important things, because you will never know when that happiness will just slip out and disappear for the time being. There are times where I lack a sense of motivation and I put on her songs and it puts me right back into the state of mind I need to be and I keep going. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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