Blog#1 Latinx Heritage Month Event

Since I knew that we needed to go to some workshops, I have been thinking what kind of workshops or clubs I should join in.  My friends recommended that I could go to the Latinx Heritage Month event with them on Thursday. They showed me the flyer and I knew that this event is to celebrate Latinx cultures as we explored and highlighted its richness and diversity. I was interested in it so I went to this event with my friends.

This event was held in Newman Vertical Campus 2nd Floor Lobby. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the loud music. I saw a DJ play the Latino music. The music was so loud and many people were excited. Some people even danced with the music. I could not understand what the music was about, but I could easily get the feelings that the crowd there had so much fun.

The people there also served free food there. Many people got in line and waited to get their food. It’s a pity that I just finished lunch so I didn’t try their food. They also gave us the flyers, and we could see that many Latinx events will come up soon in this month. After my friends and I signed our names on the computer, we walked around the lobby. We saw a lot of Latin American flags hanging upstairs. I could only recognize a few of them. We also took some pictures like many other students did.

At the time we left, there were still many people coming to this event. My friends and I all thought this event was quite interesting and funny. And I’m looking forward to joining other events again.

My Day at Hillel

At Convocation Day, I was approached by a girl who was part of the Hillel organization, which is the club for all Jewish activities. Being part of my high school’s Jewish Culture Club, I was instantly drawn to this club and knew I had to check it out. I went to the first meeting a bit late but still went and met about 15 new people in less than 20 minutes! Everyone was so welcoming and excited to meet new people, I couldn’t wait to go again next week. I had no idea that going to one club would be able to provide such an eye-opening experience. Noa Bentor, an Israeli singer/songwriter was the speaker for the day, and I can honestly speak for everyone in that lecture hall when saying her story really moved us all. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and just as she was ready to start her journey again, cancer free, she got a call that it was back a second time. The pain she was explaining, we were all able to feel it as she played her songs to audiences. Regardless of what was thrown at her, rather it being different treatments, any more bad news, and just the overall fact of what she was going through, she never thought negatively. Her story showed us the real meaning of strength and how she was able to overcome it with her music. Every note she sings with every beat she plays, you feel the rawness of her voice and the struggle she overcame. In a way it also showed us how this was a form of a journey of self discovering and growth. This experience was able to show her there is much more to life and being happy is one of the most important things, because you will never know when that happiness will just slip out and disappear for the time being. There are times where I lack a sense of motivation and I put on her songs and it puts me right back into the state of mind I need to be and I keep going. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.


In high school I joined a club called Model United Nations. Model United Nations is a convention of many high schools throughout the county and Canada. All students are assigned a country to represent in one of many committee rooms. In my second year there, as a junior, my assignment was The United Nations Children’s Fund or otherwise known as UNIFEC. I spent months researching what UNICEF was about and how my country, Jordan, handled it’s affairs toward the topics thats come up in a UNICEF assembly. Now I am very knowledge in this area of global affairs and politics.

At Baruch there is a club called UNICEF at Baruch College. I attended simply because I understand to some extant the problem in this world in regard to children and they’re pain. The people in UNICEF at Baruch College also understand the issues. I was proud to see students like me so passionate about saving young from the terrible depths of darkness they often end up in. UNICEF at Baruch is motivated to as much as they can in as many ways as they can. It starts with money. UNICEF at Baruch raises money through fundraisers throughout the year for various different reasons but all with a common goal, to benefit the children of the world. Another way they help out is through speech. Raising awareness for what UNICEF is and what they are about is another huge facet to the amazing work UNICEF at Baruch is doing wonders for the cause. The educate on campus telling other students what an important organization this. Another way they raise awareness is on Facebook and social media. Today Social media is a useful platform for an organization like us to get out message across to as many people as we can. The work UNICEF at Baruch is doing its truly amazing and I hope to be apart of it for as long as I am a student here.


Growing up in a community where art is ignored,also regarded as either having no real purpose or confusing it with entertainment, I believed that art enriched one’s personal and communal skills.After engaging in one of  BPAC’s resourceful performing events on the 10th , I realized how it presents a better perspective on all the branches of art, science, and the humanities within numerous organizations of Baruch.Attending a Classical Concert on the 10th, as a BPAC staff also assisted me with practical contact of valuable culture and art.At Daniel Colallilos CD Release Concert, it was my second day as a new faculty member where I started off with providing accessible seating and assistance upon the arrival of the guests to ensure proper accommodation.With assurance ofsuper flexible scheduldecorativees by Michael Eng, House Manager of BPAC, I was brave enough to attend my first on campus job at Baruch.Through this program I wish to explore different cultural values and changes, enhanching sensibility ,feelings,self-discipline and team work.

Alpha Kappa Psi

  Last Thursdaywhich was September 7thI attended the third general interest meeting of Alpha Kappa Psi. It was located in a small classroom while filled up with people. They provided us with McDonald nuggets and some other snacks before the meeting started. The Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904 at New York University that made up of students, professors, graduates, and professionals with similar interests. There are more than 240,000 initiated members world-wide. Members in this organization are very nice to help you with your questions about career or any other concerns.  As one of the brother member introducedthey will also teach us more speech skills and many other things about business.

  After the short presentation of a RUSH memberwe started to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These sandwiches are made for people in need and will be delivered to local food bank or homeless shelter. It is a very tiny and easy thing for us to make sandwiches, but it could mean a lot to those people in need. In other wordsas a college studentI am so proud that I can make contributions to the community as well as to the society. It is such a honor that I can also spread the love. This isa very meaningful event. Furthermore, it’s a good place to learn how to be a leader as they always holding different activities.  I am deeply impressed by their slogan which is “stand out but don’t stand alone.” Members in the group will strengthen you. Having good  teamwork is a  very important  factor in order to be successful.

   The relationship among RUSH members is so harmonious that attracts me to join them. Making sandwiches is a bit boring but the people there are not. I had a lot fun this time, and I am looking forward to being there again.

USG Marketing Committee

On September 8, I attended my first meeting with the USG Marketing Committee. The student government appealed to me because it is made up of a variety of branches that I could choose from without feeling obligated to stay planted in any specific one. Also, the marketing committee seemed to offer a great base for experience that would prepare me for a future job in the industry.

So at around 6:30 pm, I dragged my sister with me to the meeting for moral support and sat at a conference table of other potential members and the executive board. The meeting opened up with an ice-breaker introduction (my favorite…) of each member and then flowed into topics that needed to be addressed. When the members started to discuss matters such as updating the club website and amassing a higher following on social media, I was able to gain a general feel for the culture of the club and began to feel more at ease.

The main objective of the USG Marketing Committee is to get more Baruch College students to become involved in the school community through their new social media campaign, which is in the process of being organized. The committee is also responsible for providing Baruch students with information about other clubs through the website. However, on USG’s website, the icons of the clubs are not hyperlinked, thus making it an obstacle to access more information about that organization. This issue was addressed during the meeting and resolved to make the clubs easier to find online.

By the end of the meeting I felt inspired to contribute my creative energy into synthesizing some of the ideas generated. For instance, one of the ideas was, in addition to recruiting new members and receiving more social media attention, to create memes that would attract more followers on Instagram and Facebook. As one who highly appreciates memes, I resonated with that idea and would love to be a part of that project.

Looking forward to new experiences with the USG Marketing Committee at Baruch!

Student Life Blog Post #1

On Thursday September 7, I made my own summer rolls. This might sound weird, but many students had an opportunity to make and eat summer rolls at the Vietnamese Student Association, known as VSA.

When I first heard about VSA, I just thought of it as another ethnic club at Baruch. I asked my friend who goes to Hunter College how she thinks about Vietnamese club, and she assured me to go. Also, one of my friends whom I knew since middle school told me how he was going to join this club. Since I loved Vietnamese food, I decided to go and make some summer rolls. When I entered, students were already eating rolls they made. They mostly put romaine cabbage, shrimp, and rice noodles onto the rice paper and wrapped it. As students finished eating, board members taught us how to speak some basic Vietnamese words and food names. I saw some familiar words such as pho and bánh mí. I learned new food names that I can order at Vietnamese restaurants. “You’re welcome” in Vietnamese is ” không có gì,” and “xin chào” means “hello.”

I did not join many clubs at high school, but attending this meeting totally changed my mind. I thought focusing on my school work the most important thing. However, my mind totally changed after attending this meeting. I learned how important and valuable it was to meet people who come from similar culture and share different outlooks. Also, I was able to meet many new people and have conversation about my major and how I think about this school. I really loved how friendly and welcoming club members were, and I was happy I learned more about Vietnamese culture. Aside from Vietnamese Student Association, I would like to join another club or team.

I am looking forward to the pho night on September 19th!

Traders at Baruch

Last Thursday I went to the second General Meeting of The Trading Club at Baruch and it was a great atmosphere. Going to an event/meeting about something that is very passionate to me, gives me goosebumps. I was prepared about this meeting and ready for action because I participated at the first one as well- that one was on the first of September. One thing that I liked most about these GIMs is that there was more doing than just talking. The professor explained us the program that we were going to use, and right after that we created an account and started using it. That really shows that the club is really serious in what it does and has the eager to achieve success. Everyone in the room looked like they wanted to achieve something in life and not just have a random job. On the second GIM on Thursday we also did some rounds of trading before the professor came, and in one round I got the highest number so i think that was pretty impressive.

The way I am going to get involved in this club is by going to all the following meetings and to give my best every time. Also I hope i will get a place on the BTC career prep program, that I got interviewed on this Saturday, so I can give more to the club and maximize my achievements. As this club is not just a fun thing to do on campus, but a challenge to me and my future. I want to see on the following months, what I can give to the club and how the club will change me as a person and as a trader. Why not maybe win the school some competitions getting in one of the first places.

Alpha Kappa Psi

This Thursday, I went to the third General Interest Meeting held by the brother members of Alpha Kappa Psi, called Spread the Love. During the meeting, the RUSH members gave a short introduction of Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fraternity. It is an association filled with students, professors, and professionals who share the common interest and goals. I learned that in this program, there are many business leaders and brother members that can assist you with your problems and concerns throughout your career.  One quote from the brothers that I really liked was “Stand out but don’t stand alone”. I think this is exactly how a leader is like. A leader would not be a leader if he/she has no followers at all. This organization is the best place for me to build my network and learn to be a leader.

I thought this meeting of Spread the Love was really interesting and caring for others. The main reason for this event was for us to prepare peanut butter and jelly sandwich follow along with other snacks and donate them to homeless shelters in order to feed people in hunger. This small room for this event was packed with people, there wasn’t even enough seats for us to sit, many people had to stand. The brother members even prepared food and beverages for us, which they didn’t include in the description of the meeting and I ate lunch before I went :(. After we ate, we started making the sandwiches one by one. I thought this meeting was really meaningful. As individuals in college and even in society, we should always help others with our full effort. Making peanut butter and jelly sandwich may be the easiest and cheapest thing for us, however to the people who are starving, this is what saves their lives. I am very proud that I was able to use my little ability and time to make a difference for others.



This afternoon, I attended the UNICEF Organization at Baruch College. UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund. It is a nonprofit organization, which provides assistance to children and mother’s in the developing countries. An example of a developing country is Africa. Baruch’s UNICEF club is an organization that gives the students the role of helping children survive in our world. UNICEF is a very active club. UNICEF conducts campus wide education. They do this with the help of their club members. They also conduct several fundraisers in order to help the children in the world. I was really amazed to see what UNICEF had to offer and all its efforts in helping children survive.

The way I am going to get involved is to continue to attend more UNICEF club meetings. By attending, I hope to find what I am best at in terms of helping these children. I would love to contribute by becoming really educated in the field. This will help me help to the maximum capacity. Additionally, I am going to follow UNICEF at Baruch on Facebook. Following them, will allow me to get a constant update on the club’s events, fundraiser, accomplishments and most importantly ways I can help. I am excited to see what I can accomplish. I hope my involvement will inspire the students around me to get involved in this amazing club as well. It may be an investment, but I believe this investment is worth it. Not only will I be helping those children on the other side, but they will be helping me. In my opinion, when you help someone, you end up helping yourself. I will begin to appreciate my childhood more and become more sensitive to those around me who didn’t necessarily have the proper support from a young age.