Enrichment Post #3 – Career

For the last few years, I had my life plan set out for myself, I was going to do my undergrad in some kind of business major and then go on to law school to become a corporate lawyer. Over the summer, I participated in a 2 week learning experience about tech and coding and user design and I realized that it was so much more interesting and something that I could truly love doing for the rest f my life. So, to further explore my interest in tech, I participated in the Built By Girls mentorship program over the last 3 months. To be a part of the program, you take a survey describing all of your interests as they relate to the tech world and what kind of mentor you’d be interested in being paired with. I was paired with a mentor named Winnie Chen who works for the company Yext (down the street in the Credit Suisse building). So, once a month, I got to meet with Winnie where she would introduce me to her team , show me the work she did, and help me with sharpening my professional skills such as my elevator pitch. After, three months, you are paired with a new mentor so I don’t know what will be next for me starting in February, but after having such a great mentor, I’m excited to have another one as well as keeping in touch with Winnie.

Enrichment Post 2 – Academic

This semester I took Art History to fulfill my arts credit for the flexible core and for my class we have to do an assignment where we go to the Metropolitan Museum and answer a whole bunch of questions that my professor gave to us. I thought I might as well use that trip to write about. So, I went into the Met museum on November 24th expecting to go through the questions on my sheet and leave. I’ve been to the Met numerous times before and had to work later in the day. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did. My professor did this wacky thing where she kept making us run around in circles. The order of the questions was not at all by area, but instead by concepts and questions that connected art pieces in opposite ends of the museum. I have to admit I cheated the system a little bit by taking about 5 minutes to write in all of the question numbers by room on a big museum map so that I wouldn’t have to keep coming back to the same places. Even that didn’t help as much as I thought 3.5 hours in and I still had 6/33 questions. I had to leave to get ready for work, but now I have to go back again. I do think that I gained a lot from the experience though because I was made to explore parts of the museum which I hadn’t seen before. I especially loved the panorama of the garden of Versailles. I couldn’t believe that I had never seen that room before, it was beautiful.

Enrichment Post 1 – Student Life

The event I attended was a general interest meeting for Baruch’s yearbook organization. I decided to attend this event because I was a photographer, editor, and financial manager for my high school yearbook. My freshman orientation leader was also involved in yearbook so that was how I originally found out about it. I signed up to get information at the club fair on the day of convocation so when I got the email about the first meeting 2 weeks ago I made plans to attend.

At the meeting they had pizza. Also, the president talked about how the yearbook is the only student run business at Baruch. They create a product (the yearbook), market it and sell it too. After the general introduction by the president, the committee leaders each gave a brief intro about their committee. There are 5 committees. There is a photography committee which is in charge of taking photographs to put into the yearbook. From what I understand, this is the biggest committee. Also, there is a marketing committee which works to advertise the yearbook, especially as we get closer to the end of the year. The marketing committee work closely with the editing committee to make ads. The editing committee is in charge of making the actual spreads which fill each page in the yearbook and they also make any ads that the organization needs. I think that the committee is fairly small. There is also a finance committee. The people in this section are in charge of taking payments and creating cosponsorships and doing reimbursements for the clubs expenses as well as doing general financial reports. The final committee is sort of an administrative committee. This committee is run by a few members who are not technically yearbook members but instead a separate part? I didn’t really understand what that meant.

At the meeting, I was tempted to join many committees since I did practically everything in high school; I decided to join the photography committee to start off with.

Introductory Post

International Business with a minor in CIS and Finance
I have 4 siblings: a brother, a stepbrother, stepsister, and a half brother

One like about the book: I liked that it was a realistic portrayal of the struggles these people are experiencing. There were moments which were moving because they were a reminder that things don’t alway end up good.

One dislike about the book: There were some point of views which I found were not necessary. They didn’t really add to the context of the book.