Enrichment Workshop 1

The event I attended was a general interest meeting for Baruch’s yearbook organization. I decided to attend this event because I was a photographer, editor, and financial manager for my high school yearbook. My freshman orientation leader was also involved in yearbook so that was how I originally found out about it. I signed up to get information at the club fair on the day of convocation so when I got the email about the first meeting 2 weeks ago I made plans to attend. Continue reading “Enrichment Workshop 1”

Introductory Post

International Business with a minor in CIS and Finance
I have 4 siblings: a brother, a stepbrother, stepsister, and a half brother

One like about the book: I liked that it was a realistic portrayal of the struggles these people are experiencing. There were moments which were moving because they were a reminder that things don’t alway end up good.

One dislike about the book: There were some point of views which I found were not necessary. They didn’t really add to the context of the book.