Student Life: Baruch Sikhs

For my first Baruch Club experience, I joined a club that I am very familiar with. I joined the club known as the United Sikh Association or Baruch Sikhs. I had wanted to join this club when I first attended orientation but I couldn’t find them. I wanted to join this club because I felt I would fit right in. Being Sikh is a very part of life. So I wanted to join a club where I could meet other people like me. I wanted to find a place where I could fit right in with people who had similar backgrounds like me. I first come into contact with the club at the Starbucks across the street. As I walked into Starbucks with my other classmates, I got pulled over to the side by one of the club leaders. he recognized I was Sikh by my turban and asked if I  was interested in joining the club. I told him I was and Dilpreet gave me the information for the first club meeting. I went to the meeting on 9/12/17 and it was very welcoming. I had walked in a little late but I proceeded to take a seat quietly. As I listened in I learned that the club was based on the Punjabi culture and Sikh ideas. they shared similar ideas of giving charity and having cultural events such as the Bhangra Bash. After explaining the goals and ideals of the club, everyone introduced themselves. everyone was very welcoming and nice. it felt like I had already know these people for a while. we were speaking in our native language of Punjab and I connected with many people. I made a few new friends. it was a great experience for me because I  didn’t know anyone who attended Baruch from my high school . This  club allowed me to meet people who knew exactly where I came from and the goals I had. it was a great overall experience and I plan to be part of the club for all 4 years of my Baruch career. 

Introduction Post

My name is Jaskaran Singh, but I prefer to be called Jazz. A fun fact about myself is that I love cars and driving. I’ve had a passion for cars ever since I was little. My intended major is International Business. I hope to travel around the world while working. One thing I liked about the book, ” The Book of Unknown Americans”, was that the plot was relevant to current events. Many families are moving to the United States as opportunity to escape many problems back home. One thing I disliked about the book was the transition of the book. It went from a book about immigration to a cliché love saga. I thought the author should’ve built upon the struggles of immigration even if you come here legally.