Enrichment Workshop 1

       Going to Hillel for the first time I didn’t know how the environment was going to be. I had never experienced the Jewish life at a college before. I had high expectations knowing the great population of jews in New York. So I went to their welcoming party.

      Entering the club I was welcomed with heads of the club. Asking where I was from and engaging in simple dialogue. Speaking to people throughout the club I came to realize there were a lot of people I did not know. It was not just Jews from the area but there were Jews from around the country. I met Jewish kids from Maryland, Michigan, and LosAngeles. Learning diaspects of Jewish culture.

      Going to their welcoming party I found out about a list of exciting events. The Hillel hosts different lunches with great foods such as wings and pizza. They also have shabbatons (weekend outings) at places such as Brownstone and Washington D.C. They have events such as ice skating, tech fairs, and tours. They also have 20 minute shiurs (Jewish biblical discussions) once a week every monday.

     Not only were there many great events and activities at the Hillel but they also offer job/internship. Through the club, they offer Database, Social Media, and Administrative jobs/internship. As an incoming freshman who is looking for a job/internship this was very exciting for me. I would be able to have a good job/internship while being able to work in a comfortable environment.

     Visiting this event made me realize how much of a Jewish home I have at Baruch. How much opportunity I have to engage in a Jewish community at the Baruch Hillel. How diverse the students are and how many events I have the opportunity to engage in. Most importantly, My life at Baruch and my life as a Jew do not have to be separate but rather intertwined.

Introduction Post

Stephan Katz
I speak fluent Portuguese.
Accounting or Finance.
Liked: I found it interesting the way immigrants had to adjust and how different there lives were in Mexico and the changes they had to deal with when coming to the United States.
Dislike: I did not like how they ended up moving back to Mexico I feel as though it doesn’t show an optimistic idea on the “American Dream.”