Star Career Workshop Post

Last week I attended a Star Career development workshop. The workshop was taught by Ricki Weitzen. At the workshop I learned how to make a cover letter and what it is. A cover letter serves as your formal introduction and first impression on a potential employer or professional contract. For this reason, it is very important that you send a very well written cover letter with a very thorough resume when applying for any professional position. A cover letter is often required and can act as a writing sample for positions that require strong writing skills. A cover letter is a one-page statement of objective that should demonstrate to your employer that your skills and strengths will make you a good match for the organization, corporation or desired position. At the work shop I learned the proper way to write a cover letter and what not to do. I attended this Star Career Development workshop with two friends who also needed to attend it for their freshman seminar class. I already started working on my resume and my cover letter.

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