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My name is Isaiah Hinton and one fun fact about me is that I just started to get back into shooting pool.

My prospective major is Computer Information Systems (CIS), specifically in the cybersecurity track.

One aspect of The Book of Unknown Americans that I liked was the author’s ability to seamlessly interject the stories of the other tenets in the building without losing sight of the main story of the Riveras’ journey in America. At some points, it even benefits the story as you discover the motivations of minor characters such as Quisqueya for “exposing” Mayor and Maribel’s relationship to their families.

However, one aspect of The Book of Unknown Americans that I disliked was Mayor’s character development throughout the novel. I felt that at the beginning, Mayor was a timid, meek character who had no power or influence in his family dynamic. Because of this, he looked for a sense of power wherever he could; he selfishly found it in Maribel. He went so far as to sneak her out of school and endangering her so she could see the snow and make out with her. Mayor’s new-found “power” led to the chain-reaction which ended with Arturo’s death.

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