Wall Street Career Panel-Michael Huang (CAREER)

Like any other freshmen, this was my last week to get myself to a career workshop to finish my least interesting and most time consuming blog. I overheard Atillio and Nahuel speaking with each other during philosophy class. They spoke about going to the Wall Street Panel after class, saying it was the last workshop available. I asked Michael S. if he was doing anything for his career, and he said he was planning on the same panel; but he said you needed to RSVP and it was already booked. Without seats to RSVP for, I had no opportunity to go to anymore workshops. I decided I would give it a chance and just walk into the event casually; maybe they’d let me in. Its Manhattan after all; people don’t even look where they are going, how would they notice me.

Sure enough there were people at the entrance, keeping an eye out for people coming in. They didn’t ask anyone for their RSVP confirmation or anything, so I walked in along with my friends. I got in and listened to these men dressed up in suits speak about their supposed success in wall street. Their success wasn’t exactly the way I pictured success. After the movie Wolf of Wall Street, a successful person on Wall Street throws money at people and solves issues with money; while on their 26 foot yacht sun tanning. These people were just ordinary, they landed themselves a job on Wall Street, but did not tell us how much they made or would make. They only spoke about themselves being grateful for getting a job on Wall Street and how they worked hard in College to graduate so they could get the degree for their jobs. Either they didn’t tell us what job they had or I wasn’t paying attention, as the panel was boring, and dull. No numbers were thrown around, just useless motivation speeches that lacked just that; motivation. None of them were CEO’s and high ranking workers, just the common man that wants to say he works on Wall Street; as if they were bragging. These people had no drive, they may have had a goal in college to succeed, but now with their “jobs” on Wall Street they really have nothing else to look forward to besides the rest of their lives working, traveling by bus or train, in this crowded city. Now for me; my goal is to get my signature for my Career Blog. The guy who signed my blog was in a rush, as he was being crowded by people asking for signatures. This may be the most popularity he’ll receive for the rest of this year. Now that I’m done with my blogs, what now? If I become employed on Wall Street like these men, I’ll just be as boring.

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