Writing center

So i went to the writing center in order to receive help on writing some papers, however little did i know that the whole point of the center was to proofread my work, not help me write from scratch, so now i’m pulling an all nigher to finish lots of overdue work that i messed […]

Wall Street Career Panel-Michael Huang (CAREER)

Like any other freshmen, this was my last week to get myself to a career workshop to finish my least interesting and most time consuming blog. I overheard Atillio and Nahuel speaking with each other during philosophy class. They spoke about going to the Wall Street Panel after class, saying it was the last workshop […]

Michael Sappir Blog #3 Career

For my career blog post I attended a STARR workshop. The workshop I attended was the Baruch and beyond education roundtable. This was the last workshop I could attend before this blog post was due on tuesday and I needed a signature. It focused on careers in education that were not being a teacher. Many […]

Salma Amin- Academic Blog

Salma Amin FRO 1000 Blog Post#3 – Academic At the majors and minors fair, I was exposed to lots of useful and important information. I learned what a CPA is; a financial professional who helps people, businesses, and other organizations plan and reach financial goals. I learned that in order to become a CPA (Certified […]

Blog Post #3 Justin Yu (Career)

Last Thursday, I went to the Wall Street Careers Panel in desperate need of my last blog post. I know a few of our classmates weren’t on the RSVP list, including me. The staff had to check if there were enough seats for the people that weren’t on the list. We waited until everyone was […]

Blog Post #3 – Marko Grgic (Career)

Last Thursday, I decided to check out the Starr Career Development Center to get some help writing and revising my resume. I went during walk-in hours (5:00-6:00PM) and, after waiting a short while, met with Sen. Sen was very friendly and gave me a ton of pointers, tips, and things to think about when writing […]

Blog Post #3 Victoria Douglas (Career)

This past Thursday, I finally decided to go to the Starr Career Development Center to work on my resume. My last class ended around 4:35pm, and walk-in hours at the center began at 5pm. I got there around 5:30 because my enrollment time for classes was exactly at 5pm. After enrolling in classes that I […]

Blog Post #3- Academic

So here I am in the Major and Minors fair looking around to see if I can find any information about potential majors or minors. The night before I was reading a book called Super Cruncher explaining how economists use statistics to answer question by using regression. This is important because it’s one of the […]

Blog Post #3: Career – Attilio Crupi

This past Thursday I attended a career event labeled “Wall Street Careers Panel.” I was the first one to arrive to the event with a few of my friends and we proceeded to sign in at the enterence of the room. Apparently we had to RSVP which none of us did so they had us […]

Blog Post #3 Diana Derylo (Career)

This past Thursday I decided to go to the Starr Career Development Center to get my resume reviewed. Going into this review session I was confident in my resume and I didn’t think that it needed much changing. I was wrong. I walked out with marks all over my paper. Although my resume wasn’t as […]