Enrichment workshop #3

Today I decided to face the scariest office in the whole world, the STARR office held in the second floor. I thought it would be embarrassing to ask “how to apply for internships” when it was just right there on the website. I entered the office, someone came right to me and asked “how can I help u”. I asked the stupid question without thinking. He looked at me as if I was dumb and I was like “yeah, I don’t know how to do it”. Well, it didn’t turn that bad because he saw my face confused and he didn’t mind if the question was stupid, he just kept giving me advice. He recommended to make an appointment next time if I want to do a resume review, or a mock interview, or career advisement anything. Also on the other hand, while he was talking I asked if I could bring my resume so that they could see it and review it. He said it was fine, as long as it is in the walking in office hours. While I was leaving he told me if I had any questions I am welcome to come back. Then also gave me a packet of resume & cover letter writing guide where I could get help with my resume

Weekly reflection

It was fun to see that all monologues were very pretty much outstanding because they all were talking about themselves so then, that makes it easier for them to talk about themselves rather than anything else. I personally think that it was kinda cool that everyone has a talent to persuade other things rather than simple stuff. Some people inspire me to be a stronger figure and how we should precede with a stronger mind!

Weekly reflection

Today we had a brief practice with our monologues where our teacher picked the students that haven’t presented and she gave comments. I think it was very helpful for some of them so that they can use the advice for the real monologue. Later on, once we finished we were given papers where there were required classes that we must take throughout the years but the teacher gave us advice whether which one we should take for next semester so that we won’t be lost nor have classes we don’t want to be in. I think that was really helpful because we were able to get help without making an appointment, but anyways we must see our advisor so that we could ask questions or concerns!

Enrichment workshops #2

Hello guys! I have amazing news in how I could be able to enroll myself into a club where everyone was treated as a part of the family. Perhaps in my high school was sort of more strict and more not into the club’s inspiration so that made the club really boring in terms of activities and presence. The first day when I had the meeting in the VSA community club was fun because they talked about the major events where everyone can participate that includes games, fashion shows and etc. The e board members were talking about how they manage their time to always come to the club or sometimes hang out in the office as part of their home or an environment for them to relax. So I thought that we will get the freedom of to be able to attend the club and hangout as much as we can. Last week the club assigned us to do a family event, in which each member was assigned with name tags and numbers from 1-6 and made us into groups. The numbers symbolized the mock family that we are going to be involved with. But of course the e board members were the mock family leaders. We played a total of 3 games, one the family chant, two, the post is whoever who can stick the most on the family member and three, the telephone charades. The fun part is that I could be able to interact with everyone else that is not from my class or outside friends. Everyone is so nice on the club they don’t exclude you, they always ask you questions and they are extremely caring. I really love the experience that I participated in and I think I would keep going to the club for the next couple of semesters.

Reflection 10/15

Today was kind of relaxing because at the beginning of the class we wrote a 5 minute monologue about ourself and presented. Unfortunately, I was picked and I presented. At the beginning of the presentation, I was ok with the flow but once I added more stuff aside from what I wrote I struggled with the flow. According to the professor, I performed good but in fact I needed work with my pacing because I was going too fast. Later on, after the professor picked couple of more students to go presenting, they let us to do a free period while the professor and the assistant took one student by one student to check up on work and school.


Week reflection 10/07-10/11

During this week on Monday I had two exams and I overstudied for it. I wasn’t very stressed about it but somehow I was tired and had runny nose the whole week before this. During the exam, I answered everything which was a good thing but at the same time I can not overestimate my grades because if I do, maybe when I get a lower grade than expected then I would be very disappointed. Again, we had Tuesday and Wednesday off in which I took to work. This month is going so fast since we are having days off in almost every week. And soon I’m going to have the midterms exam which is gonna be a little bit overwhelming.


Week reflection 09/30-10/04

This week we didn’t have school on Monday and Tuesday which we had a 5 day weekend in which it was extremely exciting but at the same time it wasn’t because I needed my job to schedule me for those days to work and apparently I ended up working more days rather than take it for off days. Sometimes I think about it when I have off days I rather use for something productive instead of staying at home and watching Netflix or sleeping the whole day. In my opinion, when I take off days  I don’t really like it because I don’t know what to do, is either stay at home or go out and spend money. This week was extremely exhausting and plus I had to make review sheets for next week’s exams.

Weekly reflection #5

Social discourse communication and academical discourse was discussed in class. The difference of the two is that the academical discourse communication is the connection between people with the same class as me, people who are in the same field and the outside field such as club activities and teams. In the other hand, the social discourse communication is the connection between our known people such as our family and neighbor. Besides discussing, we had the opportunity to form a group and start talking about the definition of “culture”. Culture is our identities such as language, traditions and religion. However, people who are indeed different culture as me doesn’t mean that they are not going through the same routine as me. Every time, when I’m on the subway perhaps you have thought the cultural diversity are going to either work or school or go have fun. So even we are boxed based on ethnicity, we still are human, we still considered as “same” people but slightly different.

Weekly reflection #4

Considering the fact that class got cancelled, I still had to come to my morning class at 7:50am and once I knew classes got cancelled I was kinda bored because I had a gap until I had to go to my job. In this week I had my first quiz in psychology and I think I did pretty good and I’m glad that I could be able to be confident!

Weekly reflection 1

Today, September 3rd, I was asked to guess the designated office based on the description given in the board. I had to be in a group so I picked my own group. During the discussion time each member had to completely agree on the name of the designated place and additionally I engaged with new people in which I think was pretty helpful because is expanding my own circle and the connection in business. The idea to be able to discuss in class about the names and the location of each offices was a practical idea for me because I can be able to use the information for future references. Aside from the assignment I think this class was pretty humorous even though we were only freshmen that we barely talked to each other in our first day.