Enrichment workshop #3

For my final workshop, I decided to go to the STARR Career center. Most people went here for their workshop, so it felt right. (This was also the easiest workshop ) I was able to get my resume reviewed with an advisor. Surprisingly, it did not need much adjustments which made me feel confident. However we were able to discuss ways to further perfect my resume. We discussed ways to fix the “professional summary “ part of my resume. It helped me get rid of the repetitiveness in my resume. I also learned the many other programs they have such as career counseling , internships , and mock interviews.  Although I don’t really feel I need career counseling due to the fact that I am pretty confident in pursuing psychology . The mock interviews might also be useful for future jobs. I have only had one real interview with the current job I have right now.I do look forward to possibly doing an internship though. I did not plan on stepping foot into this center but as freshman I think it is a great service.  It feels comforting knowing we have another support staff to help us career-wise.  STARR is so spoken about but you never really feel the usefulness of it until you go check it out personally.

Enrichment Workshop #3: Career

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For my final enrichment workshop, I decided to visit the STARR Career Center, as most of my classmates seem to have done the same thing. I was able to meet with an advisor there that gave me tons of info towards my career path. I dove into a deep conversation about my passions and conflictions about my major with them, as I’ve been confused about this for so long. I got to learn so much about what I can do moving forward and how Baruch can help me do that.  I learned that Baruch provides so many amenities such as interview prep, counseling, and recruiting from some really top-notch companies. I know that I will utilize these moving forward and it was heartwarming knowing that there is so much help for me here. I also gained some clarity on how to operate the websites of STARR and how to use Simplicity. Even though we had a session on it, it helped to learn a bit more about it. I talked with the advisor about things that would be the most useful for me, such as reworking my resume and gaining public speaking skills. I think something that I will be doing very soon is scheduling either a mock interview or a resume review workshop. Both of these are necessities in the real world, and in my opinion, they are the most important. I am grateful to those at the STARR Career Center and I hope to utilize them to the best of their abilities. 

Enrichment #3

My third enrichment workshop was at the career event at Starr center. I had a discussion with my friends and we decided that we would go to the career event. So then later that we went to the STARR career center. I got to learn a lot of things when I went there. We talk about different career and how you would get there. I really didn’t know what the Starr center was until I got there. We talked about different majors and the pathway to those majors. I got to see how I should plan out my classes and which classes I need to take so I can eligible.  We also talk about different minors and how they can help my career. For example we talked about how Spanish would be a great minor cause there are lots of people who speak Spanish and communicating with them is important. I got to explore different things and find out what I’m interested in. This gave me a step toward my career and I’m just getting started.

Enrichment workshop

     For my third and final enrichment workshop, I had to complete the career criteria. Unsurprisingly I left it till the last minute and decided to go visit the STARR on Thursday during my five hour break because why not? A few weeks ago for an FYS class we were given a sheet outlining events that were coming up but sadly I did not make it to any of them as of yet. I really looked forward to getting my headshot picture taken for a LinkedIn profile but i unfortunately forgot to go although I was reminded at the STARR center that I will have another opportunity to do so so I am really looking forward to that. I also talked to the staff there, who were really helpful btw, about minors and supposedly it’s not required to minor in something but I’m not sure I’m gonna go down that route. However coming here has helped me settle on psychology as a minor. I am taking the class and have enjoyed it thus far. In addition the lovely staff recommended that I make appointments to help set up my resume when I mentioned that I wanted a picture taken. This is a complete lifesaver because my resume is a mess as of now and receiving help will be amazing. This overall experience was completely beneficial and I am sure that I am gonna be hanging out there a lot more often.

Enrichment #2

So I work by the museum of sex and every day I pass it and didn’t know what was inside. So after Awhile I thought it would be fun and funny for me I got there. So I took a Saturday off and went there. I actually thought It was great here! Interesting displays and exhibits, buried treasure was a hilarious watch and the videos concerning women and their portrayal in early porn videos was actually really interesting! The arcade was amazing! Yes you have to load a card but it’s a fun keepsake and totally worth it! I won hilarious prizes too! I also used the auto wed machine which was hilarious. The slide down to the bar was fun! Everyone seemed to be having a fun time .You also get to learn about a lot of things there. There were also some really fun things in the shop! I recommend this to everyone.

Enrichment Workshop #3

For my third enrichment workshop, my friends and I  decided to visit the STARR Career Development Center last week. As a business student, I want to get learn more about the opportunities and internships that Baruch offers. Moreover, I haven’t decided on my major yet so I hope through the different opportunities offered at the STARR career development center I can explore different majors. I applied as a marketing major but I am currently debating between accounting and finance. The lady from the STARR center directed me to another office where I can change my major. Additionally, she mentioned about the different minors Baruch has to offer us.

I have also learned that the Career Development Center provides many services such as mock interviews, career counseling, career workshops, part-time internships, full-time internships, on-campus recruiting and etc. Since most of us are freshmen and we haven’t had any experience with interviews and resume reviews. Although it is not required to have these mock interviews it always best to practice before heading to an official one.  In order to set up for these mock interviews, you just have to make an appointment for these counseling opportunities on their website. Moreover, the STARR Career Development Center also goes as far as lending out professional clothing for interviews for those who are not prepared.

Weekly reflection #6

I just took a test I my Political science class and I hope I did well. I had hours and hours of studying but the concept is very hard. We had a review in the last class but I still had to study little more. The test contains 50 multiple choice questions. I answered 40 to the best of my ability. I guess on the last ten questions cause I didn’t know them. But that was a stressful week and took a lot of energy from me. I would recommend for people to study every night a week before then doing it a night before.

Weekly reflection #5

While in college I want to make the most of my time here and really get everything I possibly could out of this experience. I want to get involved in different types of organizations and meet as many people as I can. I do not want to waste time being lazy and sitting down all day; I would rather be active and go out making memories and experiences. I am interested in joining a sports teams and other activities.

Weekly Reflection #10

This week was our last Freshman Seminar class. This semester is also coming to an end. Through this class, I met my first friends at Baruch and learned about the amazing programs the school offers. Today some students who didn’t present their monologues presented it today. Most of them sounded interesting. It was nice to know that many students were also going through similar problems as me.

Weekly reflection #9

This week for FYS we went to another room. We had a special guest from the STARR center who presented workshops the STARR center provided. She also spoke about specific workshops for specific majors which was really interesting. It was very helpful for us since it was preparing us for future interviews and job opportunities at Baruch.