Enrichment Workshop #3 Career

I have never used resources before in my life. My ego just made me assume I can do everything on my own. College gave me a wake up call because I realized to be successful I have to use the resources around me that I am provided. I walked into STARR career center not knowing what it was or what to even ask really. I did some research on the website and walked into STARR. But the people there were very helpful. They showed me how i can search for internships as a student, and go to different career fairs. They showed me how STARR can help with career development and making decisions about majors. And aside from also helping with graduate and law school programs they also help preparing for internships and jobs. This was so crazy new to me, what other program would allow you to take out professional attire like suits for an interview, and even set up mock interviews for you to practice before the real one. I knew I would definitely be using STARR a lot. They offer assessment tools to gather information on values, skills, accomplishments, personality style, interests as well as other areas important to career development to assist you in major selection and career choice. This way people can make active choices in their careers by exploring and testing. The room for creative expression is also there with programs to make your own major and even crafting your own career.