Workshop #3 – Career

For this Career Workshop #3, I decided to share my appointment at the Weissman Center, more specifically, the internship program. It was an honor for me to have the opportunity to have Justine, a representative, to review my resume. I filled out an application form, and then I scheduled a 30-minute appointment. It was to my surprise that it started on time and ended exactly 30 minutes after. In those 30 minutes, I learned how to word my resume better and to have a proper format in my resume. For example, putting action words in front of my sentences to make it sound better. Another example is my + or ~ in front or behind to indicate “more than” and “about”. I also learned that it is fine if each description line extends beyond one line and consistency is the key.

In addition to learning how to have a good resume, I learned what type of internship I should expect or I could expect. I did not know that some companies would give me credits (school/ class credits or community service hours) if they do not pay me. I also did not know that most internship applications are as simple as sending in my resume, and then the rest should be good. That being said, I learned the values of a resume and that if I want to get a good first impression, all of what is on it should reflect who I am as an individual.

Afterward, I was very happy to receive emails from the Weissman Center regarding internships. The one that I am most excited about applying to is the Spring 2020 Marketing and Communication Internship with Spadet and the position as Marketing Associate Intern at The Burgess Group. Since I am majoring in marketing management, anything associated with marketing, I get really excited over. That being said, I cannot wait for the next years to come as I spearhead my first internship in college! This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Weekly Reflection

Last FYS Class was fun! I love listening to people’s stories, like where they came from, what they make of their current situations right now, and the stereotypes some face because of race, ethnicity, gender, etc. I also shared my story, and I felt like I could have done better, probably the nerve got the best of me because it’s quite difficult to share something emotional or more specific to me out loud. I prefer writing than actually presenting something about me. However, I enjoyed speaking in front of the class because I tried to make my story lighthearted. This past week, I have been very busy, with all the exams on the same day, and all the planning for schedules. I’m very happy with my schedule because it works out with my work and extracurriculars.

Enrichment #2 (Academic)

For my second enrichment workshop, I decided to focus on academics and blog about the new exhibit at The New York Hall of Science. Even though I work there,  I took the time to explore the new exhibit (Art of the Brick) and learned how the idea came about. Art of the Brick’s creator, Nathan Sawaya, went from being a rather successful lawyer to committing all his time into lego art. He stopped his career as a lawyer and followed his passion. I was very inspired because I hope to also follow my passion and work in the industry that I am most passionate about. Art is not one of them; however, I am into marketing, and I am looking into either project management or account management. I learned that the art piece that is in the NY Hall of Science with the most lego pieces was the skeleton of the dinosaur (more than 80,000 lego pieces). I also learned that he does most of his modeling with pictures and smaller versions of the piece and had the pieces assembled to match the description. For example, he had one of the models wore a red dress, took a picture, painted the scenery, built the dress in a smaller version, then bigger version, then photoshop that lego dress onto the model’s body and had a scavenger hunt to find the object that is in the picture out on the museum floor. I think that is very creative. This also sparked many ideas I had to become a social entrepreneur because not only does it brings back the good old’ time, but it also motivated children and even adults to not hesitate to go after their passion. I realized that even though I am passionate about business, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be knowledgeable about different areas of focus also. I am always open to learn new things and share my knowledge with others. Attached is a picture that has me sitting on the bench right next to a life-sized lego person. These lego people on benches were also found in front of the White House where Barack Obama sat with one of the lego people and took the picture. I was very honored to know that I might have took the picture with the lego person where he might have sat to take the picture with one of the lego people also.


Weekly Reflection

Last week was very productive in terms of me getting out there. I had two interviews, one for the Office of Student Life (work study) and the other for Alpha Kappa Psi. In my opinion, both interviews went fairly well. I answered with honesty, as well as keeping in mind the lesson we learned in FYS last Tuesday (culture & ethnical values). Doing so I was able to answer with confidence thinking of my root and my values whether that be personal or professional values. Furthermore, last week, USG gave out rice balls, and as a volunteer, for every rice balls, I said, “Have a nice day!”, and that was something I never tried before. Usually, I would just ask them which one they want and then go on to the next person (since it is often very busy). Thus, I think that’s how I am going to do things now. More USG updates, I got my own USG profile picture! I’m very thankful to have met these amazing people and I look forward to working closely with them for the next years. Other than that, I have a Psychology, Music, Calculus test coming up. I have never taken Psychology before so I am kind of stress out by the amount of information needed to be remembered.

Club Activities (Enrichment #1)

Hi everyone! My name is Vy. For the first two weeks of school, I have explored around and found clubs and organizations that really strike me as “WOW”. They are Alpha Kappa Psi, Undergraduate Student Government, and Vietnamese Student Association. 

I am currently rushing for Alpha Kappa Psi, that means going to a philanthropy, social, and professional event to qualify for an interview. However, I intend on going to all of the events because they are really fun and I learn a lot from each event. So far, I have a streak of 4 for 4: Boba Babble, Bro Panel, Game Night, and Sports Day. My favorite was Sports Day because I get to really interact with the brothers and get to know them better, as well as expand my network and knowledge in the field of marketing, such as getting recommendation from brothers about which internship should I apply to and who I should reach out to. *I’m on the third row, NASA shirt, in the picture below.

As for Undergraduate Student Government, I’m really excited for Homecoming Week and Homecoming Day on September 19! There will be so many games and giveaways, and I get to be a ref for the games on Homecoming Day. I’m also looking forward to planning events as a member of the Student Affairs Subcommittee and hoping to be a Vice Chair as well, given that I will be able to be hands-on with the planning and get to network with more people that work alongside with the Undergraduate Student Government. 

Furthermore, even though I have only visited the Vietnamese Student Association’s office to ask various questions, I do look forward to their events that celebrates and acknowledges Vietnames holidays. That’s why I am also applying for a position as Cultural Chair in order to bring more awareness about the Vietnam culture on campus. Looking to be proactive as a first year student!

Club Activities Attachment

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Weekly Reflection (About Me)

Hi everyone! My name is Vy (Vee). Some fun facts about me that probably some of you already know are I like to practice Martial Arts (Muay Thai), I am multi-lingual, I like to longboard, and my favorite Netflix show of all time is Supernatural.

However, in this blog, I am going to write about my name. I am Vietnamese, I was born in Vietnam and I moved to the U.S. when I was nine years old. The way to correctly pronounce my name in a Vietnamese accent is probably (in English), Vei, but that doesn’t sound right to me either. That’s why I decided to make it simple, a letter V, and I love the sound of it.

My first name in Vietnam is very popular, there’s Vy Vy Clothing, Vy’s Shop, etc. However, in America, it seems like or until Baruch, that I was the only Vy in school. It made me feel special, so I was very proud of my name. Furthermore, I enjoy the fact that my name is easy to remember, and I love people’s reaction when they said, “Just “V”?”, or “Like the letter V?”, or “That’s amazing.”

Even though sometimes people would mispronounce my name, I tend to let it slide and let people know how to correctly say it, because I’m Vy.