Enrichment workshop #3

For my final workshop, I decided to go to the STARR Career center. Most people went here for their workshop, so it felt right. (This was also the easiest workshop ) I was able to get my resume reviewed with an advisor. Surprisingly, it did not need much adjustments which made me feel confident. However we were able to discuss ways to further perfect my resume. We discussed ways to fix the “professional summary “ part of my resume. It helped me get rid of the repetitiveness in my resume. I also learned the many other programs they have such as career counseling , internships , and mock interviews.  Although I don’t really feel I need career counseling due to the fact that I am pretty confident in pursuing psychology . The mock interviews might also be useful for future jobs. I have only had one real interview with the current job I have right now.I do look forward to possibly doing an internship though. I did not plan on stepping foot into this center but as freshman I think it is a great service.  It feels comforting knowing we have another support staff to help us career-wise.  STARR is so spoken about but you never really feel the usefulness of it until you go check it out personally.

Weekly Reflection- Last class

Today we had our last freshman seminar class. It went by really really quick honestly. I’m only glad it’s over because now I only have one class on Tuesday and then I can go home back to sleep. Overall, the class was helpful in making that transition a bit easier. We left with information that will serve us throughout the rest of the years.  Both Gabbie and Bernice were super understanding and generous with assignments and due dates throughout the course, which  benefited me because I am a huge procrastinator. Besides the downside of getting no credits for this class, it is a class i will miss

Weekly Reflection #10

Today we had to go to a different room for class. We had a speaker come from the Starr Career Center. She basically went over all the benefits from the center and general information about it. I came in late but I got to hear most of it. This program is probably one of the most suggested by everyone, which shows its importance. I will most likely be stopping by next week. 

Weekly Reflection 10/29

Today we presented our monologues, which to be honest I had completely forgotten about , but i managed to put something together. i didn’t really do that well i made no eye contact whatsoever but i was extremely nervous.  i enjoyed listening to everyone else’s , they all had something interesting to say. i think it was nice that some people shared something personal or something funny which broke the ice. I also finally chose my classes which don’t sound so hard/bad but i don’t really know what to expect.

weekly reflection 9/23

today in class we went over culture and what it means to us. different groups spoke out and gave their view which was interesting. i really enjoy the way we start class by discussing our weekend. even tho i have never shared nor do a lot of people share, it gives me a nice feeling and makes me feel very welcome in the class.

weekly reflection 10/15

Today we had to write a short monologue about ourselves in preparation for our future ones. i found this kind of hard to be honest because i don’t know how what an interesting fact about me is. i managed to write something though. i did enjoy listening to other people go up because all of them had something interesting to say, i also got to learn their names.i havent really made any friends yet, through fault of my own, i sort of just close up when someone new speaks to me. But i’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the monologues, along with the future ones that are longer.

weekly reflection 10/22

today in class we went over how to register for classes and what classes we should sign up for. only today did i realize how behind i am, i havent put much thought into what classes  i want to take which i know sounds bad but i feel stressed with other school related things. however i hope to get an appointment with an advisor asap to discuss where i should be at. i also still have to catch up on other assignments so this week is looking very stressful.

Weekly Reflection

This last week went by pretty easy. The 5 day weekend was very much needed. I was able to spend quality time with friends and put in more hours at work. School related, there was not much work for me to do , which was nice. I just have to work on my speech for communications class. I am also looking forward to next Tuesday and Wednesday off.

Weekly Reflection #3

This week has been decent so far. The only class that is a bit much is English due to the fact that I have a 5 page essay due next week. It is a bit much because english is not exactly my strong spot. Also I am still heavy on procrastination which I hope to get rid of so I can start getting my tasks done on time. Overall, this week went by pretty slow. 

Student Life Enrichment Workshop #1

Allison Pinedo; 23727556

For my first enrichment workshop, I decided to do the student life portion. I recently went to the opening ceremony of Latin Heritage month. I was only able to go to the distribution of the food. I didn’t really get to see a lot of people there because I was there towards the beginning. However that kind of worked to my advantage since I don’t really like packed places. They served some type of sweet plantain with a colombian piece called arepa. There was not much variety to choose from but overall the food was alright. I thought it would have given a more effective vibe of culture if there was more variety. I did go with my friend so it was a nice little break between classes to just hang out. I hope to be able to participate in more interactive events later on.