Enrichment Workshop #3

My visit to the American Museum of Natural History was filled with sights of incredible artifacts.  With the millions of artifacts that are supposedly held in the museum, I was not able to capture everything in one day, however, I was able to view a large variety of artifacts ranging from bones of prehistoric predators to ancient stone tools used by early humans.  The place is very educational and interactive. I was able to view the butterfly observatory which held at least 400 free-flying butterflies along with a plethora of lush tropical plants. There are stands in front of the glass coverings that have a large amount of information about the species of Lepidoptera (Butterflies are a species of Lepidoptera which are flying insects). Another amazing block in the Museum of Natural History was the Hall of the Universe.  I was immediately intrigued by this section of the museum due to my interest in horoscopes. Obviously the Hall of the Universe was much more than the alignment of constellations and horoscopes, and I was able to view the diversity, beauty, and the violent history of galaxies as they were meddled together in the early universe. There was also a specimen of the 15 ton ‘Willamette’ meteorite, along with additional astronomical imagery of distant galaxies and nebulae– supported with the background history on the creation of nebulae from the death of ancient stars.  

Enrichment Workshop #2

Today I learned how to write a winning resume at the workshop held at 12. I learned about the format of a resume and all the components you must need. Honesty, it reminded me of when i had to write my resume for college. A lot of the components were familiar to me except i know that for a work resume it must be very concise, to the point, and also have my best qualities fit into one page. Some tips i learned were to always be truthful about my accomplishments and background. Within each experience, you should list the most relevant bullet points for the position that you may be applying for. Use heavy bond paper in a professional color (white, ivory, or beige) if you are mailing your resume or attending a job or internship fair.  Some sections that should be included in your resume may be your interests, volunteer work, relevant coursework, leadership experience, and academic projects. Some things that should not be included in the resume may be the use of personal pronouns (“I, my, his, her, them, their, your, mine”) and abbreviations (“corp., etc.”). There should also be no spelling or grammatical errors.  Objective statements should not be included, as the emphasis on the position you are applying for should be prominent in the cover letter. Social Security number, passport number or other identification numbers should not be listed as well.  Overall, I had a great time at the workshop and it was very helpful in giving me key information on resume writing which I will definitely benefit from in the future.


Last week’s FYS class was different than the other ones. We  went to a lecture hall and had someone from the STARR career center speak to us about all the opportunities that are presented for us to take advantage of.  I wasn’t informed about a lot of the information that she mentioned, including mock interviews and help with creating a well organized resume. I definitely will be looking into the center for guidance when it comes to taking my career to the next step. This week’s class was informative and I’m glad to know about all the details right at my first semester here at Baruch.

Weekly Reflection

Last week in class, we went over enrolling for classes for Spring 2020. We also practiced our monologues and it was interesting seeing what others had to say about themselves. I’m really shocked that its already November and it’s now the time to worry about picking next semesters classes. Time is really flying by and I need to stay on track and ask for some help with enrolling because Cunyfirst is confusing me.

Workshop #1

For this assignment, I decided to attend a USG club meeting. .The meeting was an overview of how the legislative affairs would run for the year. We discussed political views, determined what future events members would be interested in attending and how we felt about certain organizations and movements. Some of the events that were offered for us to go to were climate strikes, getting students registered to vote, and going to Albany for lobbying our senators. The president for the club is Kim Kazdal. Everyone that i met, including her, was super nice and welcoming. At first, I really was skeptical to join a club. I would say it took a lot out of me to be able to place myself in an environment that was so vulnerable for students to interact and to share their thoughts with each other. Its very nerve-wrecking to be a a first year trying to find their place in this school but at least now I know there are people who are willing to open up to you, if you’re willing to be equally as open as them. This club is really about the people and building our community. What interested me about this community was the form saying that these conversations would take on the less traditional approach to politics and that you don’t have to love politics to feel like you belong. The meaning behind this club is more about learning new things, talking about prevalent issues, and helping those around you. In my opinion, I find it really important to spread awareness around certain topics such as getting students to register to vote. It really ends up making a difference because in the end everything adds up and it reflects on how hard you’ve worked to be able to try to get your message across.

paragraph about myself

Hi, My name is Angela and I’m from Queens. I’m excited to finally be in college. I feel like I have so much free time to do other things like for example, working on the days that I dont have school. This keeps me moving and productive throughout the week so I’m not just doing nothing. I would say my two passions are singing and dancing. I’ve loved them both since I was little and i definitely want to continue doing what I love in college.

Weekly Reflection #1

On September 3rd, in FYS, we did an activity where we had to guess different offices at Baruch based on the information that was given to us on the board. We were told to interact with different people sitting around us to try to figure out the office name/location. I appreciated the opportunity to be able to engage with others in my class that I have never talked to before. The exercise we completed allowed us to become more familiar with our campus setting which in my opinion is extremely important so that us students are able to utilize all of these resources that are available to us. Overall, I had a great time throughout the class and I’m lucky to know these things early on in my college career.