Enrichment Workshop #3- Career

So for my career workshop I decided to go to the Bloomberg Terminal Course/Workshop that’s offered at the trading floor (which by the way I had no clue even existed until a really good friend of mine told me to go there with him one day). I think it’s a really useful course since a lot of companies use the Bloomberg Terminal, and the online course (which uses modules and is kind of similar to the SPARC course in a sense) teaches you a lot of useful economics stuff which can not only help you get ahead of the game before you take either macro or micro economics, but also is just useful information to know in general. Anyways at the workshop I was introduced to the bloomberg terminal and I was able to set up an account in order to start the online course on my own. They explained to me some basic stuff but after that I was mostly motivated to do as much as I could on my own. I’m currently still in the middle of the online course but I find it really interesting and have only gotten I think one question wrong out of all the quizzes I’ve taken so I think the course does a really good job at teaching you what it quizzes you on. I really look forward to seeing where this gets me and can’t recommend this enough to everyone else, it’s a very easy opportunity to take advantage of at Baruch and most schools I know of don’t have their own trading floor (which again, I have to say is literally so awesome and I feel like I make progress in life everytime I walk into that room). Definitely think this was an enriching experience and hope that my writing about this will help others down the road!