Enrichment Workshop #2 Social

A big problem for me was that I was a commuter to Baruch all the way from the city of Yonkers. This made very little time for me to be socially active since most of my day was the commute back and forth from school. Student life changed this for me. My friends told me to join them at the game room one day and I decided to go. I used to play pool back home so I rented a pool stick from student life. Immediately I saw how accepting and open everyone can be. It wasn’t difficult to make friends. And  even though I wasn’t amazing at pool nobody cared because we were all there to get to know each other not to show off. Before I knew it I was going to student life all the time to rent a pool stick or ping pong bats. Soon enough some of my good college friends were made sitting around in the game room just talking to people. And to think it all started with a pool stick! Aside from all this student life gave me information on club fairs and they informed me of a bunch of events I could go to. This is where I learned about the leadership bootcamp as well as Team Baruch.