Data of The Future

Technology has greatly improved many or most of people’s life throughout the years of computer era. The web has become a place where most people browse for information about just anything; anywhere. Social networking certainly provides unlimited service connecting people all over the world together.  Then again since free social networks like Facebook and Twitter involve with many privacy issues. Many users are concern that their personal lives are being exposed publicly. Yet many idiotic people are posing up statuses or pictures that are laughable to others. No matter what kind of information it is, it could be easily post up on the web. Therefore government is concern about the chance of national secretive data being leak out through WikiLeaks to do possible demage to our country. That is why I think the kind of information being exposed on the web should be at a certain extent. Above all these electronic data will very beneficial to future historians. More records and documents will be easier to attain, so I assume most of them will probably be obese since they will just  sitting in front of the computer rather than going out to do research.