Traveling to America

The map of the United States compose of all different races of immigrants in the nation.

A political cartoon of illegal U.S. immigrants.

The two images above both associate with the immigration of the United States. The ability of seeking opportunities and many other advantages such as freedom of religion and free education etc…attracted many people all over to world to a new country. Some enter the country risking all costs, even if it’s an unlawful way of doing it. Illegal immigration one of the nation’s main concern over many decades. Above all the diversity of  races shapes many aspect of the nation. The U.S. is to like melting pot to many cultures and  people of  varieties of interests.

One thought on “Traveling to America

  1. I love the cartoon !!!

    Its amazing how US keeps saying stay out and provide all these benefits for illegal immigrants. I know someone who is an illegal immigrant and she has free healthcare, food stamps, and one of her kids is dyslexic so she receives even more money from the state. My family are all legal immigrants or citizens and we do not receive any of those benefits.

    I really wish I had proper health care that was free. :/

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