League of Nations

In the center of the cartoon is Uncle Sam who represents the United States of America. In the four corners of the political cartoon are four of the other major countrites involved with the United States in the League of Nations: England, Japan, European nations, and other foreign nations not mentioned. The League of Nations was created as intergovernmental organization amongst these nations that was meant to serve as a possible peace making organziation that the nations can convene in with the notion of making peace and amending relationships between the countries. The League of Nations is commonly seen as a precursor to the United Nations which still exists today. This cartoon depicts deciet as each of the nations is taking care of the United States. The nations all have hold strings that are keeping the hands of United States (Uncle Sam) tied up, and unable to break free. This cartoonist is trying to show that the League of Nations isn’t accomplishing what it set it out to accomplish. By keeping their hands tied could symbolize the fact that the other countries aren’t letting the United States not have a voice. The League of Nations was meant to be a place where all the nations involved could speak their voice freely without objection, and the cartoonist believes that it is not being done. The League of Nations was created as a means to deter, and possibly cause a swift end to the war, yet many people saw it as being ineffective. Thus, it could be inferred that many people were pessimistic that an end to the war was near. The League of Nations handeled other minor issues as well, but overall was meant to be an open forum for discussion for any nation willing to participate.