This picture depicts the great amount of homeless men who had to wait on line for free dinner at a lodging house in New York.


Not only adults, but also children suffered during the Great Depression.

When the Great Depression struck the nation, it affected everybody. Unemployment was at an ultimate high  and most people did not have enough money to afford the basic necessities. In the first picture of homeless men lining up for a free meal in New York, we can see the extent of the economy’s failure. Hundreds of men are lining up for a free meal. It seems as if everyone felt the pain and setbacks of the Great Depression. In the second pictures, children are holding up signs on the lack of jobs available for their parents. Both of these pictures depict how the Great Depression had a strong impact on everyone’s daily lives.

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  1. And these trying times also gave capitalists a rare opportunity to overclock their workers(since employment was in so much demand) and paid them as little as possible. Thus even those who were working suffered..

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