Assignment due 4/6

1) Leave an additional 2-3 sentence comment on the blog about Dr. Strangelove in response to this post or the previous post about Dr. Strangelove.  How did it compare to your expectations?
2) Leave two 2-3 sentence comments on the posts done for the April 4 assignment adding thoughts about causes and effects of certain actions during the Cold War.  Where were turning points and why they make such a big difference?

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  1. I originally thought that Dr. Strangelove wasn’t going to be funny at all; I felt that the humor was going to be dry and exaggerated. The movie got off to a slow start for me and scenes with the pilots in the airplanes were a little boring for me. However, as the movie progressed I found it to actually be funny, and aside from the ending, overall I found it enjoyable.

  2. The movie is funnier than I thought. Maybe I am just old-school, but the jokes in the segments you showed us are still funny. I particularly liked Dr. Stranglelove’s character. His craziness and unpleasantly happy attitude are very fitting for a satirical movie on nuclear scare. Moreover, the final segment of the movie was also praiseworthy, for the contrast of the tragedy of nuclear doomsday and the relaxing music was disturbingly memorable.

  3. My favorite character in the movie was General Buck Turgidson, he was pretty humorous. Although he wasn’t very serious under the intense situtation, but he was the one that gave us a thru report on the plots in the war conference room.When President Muffley was on the phone with the Soviet Premier, it reminded me so much of this teacher I once had in high school. The teacher used to make fun of this kid in class called Dimitri all the time. So alike that they both add the name Dimitri in almost every sentence, in which I find it very funny.

  4. I originally thought its going to be funny because of the genre of the movie and it indeed was. I liked the movie overall except the ending. General Buck Turgidson character was my favorite 🙂

  5. I thought the movie was pretty interesting. How ever I was a little disappointed with the abrupt ending. I did have a few chuckles and for an old movie it wasn’t bad at all.

  6. It was better than I expected. I found it good for a film that was black and white. Usually I wouldn’t like them since I find them boring, but it actually got me laughing a few times. I thought Dr Strangelove was going to be shown a bit earlier but instead he was shown half way through the movie.

  7. I thought Dr. Strangelove was a fairly interesting movie. I had initially thought it was going to be boring but the director’s humor was quite funny. I especially liked the scene in the war room when General Buck had to explain everything to the president.

  8. I actually did not enjoy the movie too much. I didn’t find it too funny, but I did love the General’s girlfriend/wife. As for the ending, I thought it was a good exaggeration of what might happen in the case of a nuclear attack, and I did not think it was bad at all. The movie as a whole did not truly captivate me, but I had no problem with the ending.

  9. I think the movie funnier than I thought. I was impressed by the conversation between two presidents. I never think the offical talking can be like that the movie shows, and I like the movie.

  10. The movie was boring,especially jokes of Dr. Strangelove were very stupied for me. But i liked the scene with General Buck Turgidson, when he was on the phone with his girlfriend, he was so funny=)

  11. I enjoyed watching Dr. Strangelove. It was entertaining because it illustrated how irrational and unreasonable people were at the time of the Cold War. I thought the ending could be better though.

  12. It funny, the movie was funny. The captions moved a bit faster then the dialog at times, causing you to know what’s going to be said before its said. It nice that you can find humor in something so scary, yet it being so distance from me could be the reason I find it funny. If i lived in that era, it may just still scare the crap out of me.

  13. I think the movie was pretty funny, the movie captures tragedy and horror in the wittiest possible way by intermixing real life situations and fictional situations between two warring factions.
    My favorite line was “Mein Fuhrer. I can walk!” -Dr.Strangelove

  14. I think Dr. Strangelove is a very good movie because it not only describes the tension between USSR and USA, but also showed how each other was about to go to nuclear war in a very comical way. Being such an old movie, the language is not very old fashioned and there are sill funny moments that I can understand. I find ending to be a possible outcome between the USSR and USA if the tension got worse.

  15. One of the best movie ever made, when Stanley have conversation with his girlfriend in the phone, it’s very funny part in the movie.The people in the film played their part well to portay the cold war.

  16. I really enjoyed watching Dr. Strangelove, and hoped to have seen the whole movie. Putting the movie’s plot aside for a moment, the kind of humor (sarcastic and not your typical “stupid humor”) used in the movie was much appreciated. The plot was engaging and went to show the dangers of paranoia and complicated weapons. All in all, great movie.

  17. The movie was more interesting than what I expected, especially the conversation between the two presidents. However, I expected it was a informative movie but it didn’t cover too much background about cold war. Anyway I enjoyed watching Dr. Strangelove.

  18. “Dr. Strangelove” was different then i expected. I expected that the movie would have depicted the Communist as a frightening threat to gain more support during the cold war but the film turned out to be more commical and had little to do with the actual history.

  19. I actually think I hit the nail on the head when predicting how the movie would be. It was very satirical and ironic and showed the irresponsibility of military in certain actions. It was also funny, like when the guy rode the nuke and Dr. Strangelove had his background (a Nazi scientist) plainly revealed. It showed how easily things could have gone wrong during the Cold War Era.

  20. First I thought the movie was going to be in color, but it was black and white! The movie did have a lot of humorous moments as expected, but it also showed how extreme both sides of the war were willing to conceive to protect themselves (such as the dooms day machine, underground civilizations). The most memorable moment had to be at the end when Dr. Strangelove couldn’t control his excitement and frequently stamped out his hand!

  21. The movie was funnier than i expected but it wasnt until near the end that i can see the point of the movie. I think it took too long to get to the point and i really dont like the plot of the film.

  22. I initially thought the movie was not going to be funny because it doesn’t really fit with out time period. After watching, I did laugh here and there and found the movie very interesting as it depicted that time period.

  23. I thought the movie was better than expected. It was pretty bland and boring in the beginning but as time passed, the movie became funnier. I liked the lack of seriousness when the President of United States talks to the President of the Soviet Union.

  24. The movie was not one of the best I have seen, but did justice in representing a large portion of history via the plot. In addition there were also many spots which were funny and worthy of a laugh.

  25. Dr. Strangelove was completely different than I had anticipated. I thought it was going to be a serious movie about America attempting to drop the atomic bomb on the SU, however it was a comedy that was making fun of the whole matter.

  26. The movie was quite smart, the hand of a good director was felt throughout. I liked the sarcasm towards leadership’s irresponsibility and absence of touch with the current situation, even though the stakes were huge. It is a good thing when sarcasm is used to point out real issues and controversies. However, the humor about Russians did not have that realistic feature, which in that sense I found to be of lesser quality. Things like Russian language, which I could not even say it was Russian, then the conversation with drunk and inadequate leader of SU, which felt like the US president was talking to some retarded child, and the explanation of the doomsday device deal, which was Russian choice for their deterrence strategy, because it was “very easy ” technically and very cheap. All those things depreciated the movie for me, and made me feel like I was watching “Mr Bin” kind of comedy at times. “Doomsday device” was just a protocol, not a special device, that BOTH sides did have as a key part of deterrence strategy, called MAD, mutually assured destruction.

  27. I didnt know it was a black and white film thats first off. Second I thought the movie could have been funnier. It was an interesting movie…didnt care too much for the abrupt ending. I hate movies that do that.

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