Containing Communism

The Marshall Plan was ratified in 1947 to help rebuild Europe after WWII. This Act was also meant to prevent communism from spreading and gaining control in war torn countries. The Marshall Plan had a huge effect on Europe in which it assisted in Europe’s economic growth and recovery. This soon led to trade relations with the U.S.  If U.S had not put the Marshall Plan into effect, it may have caused a delay in Europe’s economic recovery. Another effect may be that Communism would not be contained and it might have spread and taken control over war torn countries.

5 thoughts on “Containing Communism

  1. The U.S. spent billions of dollars in order to help Europe rebuild itself. If U.S. did not help out then many countries would fall into the hands of communism. Also because of the Marshall Plan it help erase the trading barriers between the US and Europe.

  2. The U.S. seemed to be the only nation doing well post-war, whether it was their duty or more so for their self-interest to help rebuild Europe, they did it. In addition, it is important that the point about containing communism be reiterated.The U.S. under no condition wanted the spread of communism to expand any further than it already had.

  3. The Marshall plan was one of the most successful foreign aid programms. This plan gained western European support and strengthened the trading between the United States and western European. Also it topped the expansion of communism in western European.

  4. The Marshall plan was vital to the reviving the war torn countries in Europe. Without the funds given by the U.S., Europe would have easily been taken under Communist Control.

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