Containing Communism

After WWII concluded, peace did not last very long. Tension began to grow between the two superpowers as the Soviet Union began to establish communist governments in eastern European countries. The Soviets began to spread their communist beliefs around the world. The United States reacted to this situation by implementing the “Containment Policy” to prevent the spread of Communism.

I believe if the Containment policy was not put into affect, the world would be a very different place. The United States might not have interviened in Vietnam and communism may had spread throughout south east Asia. If there was no Containment policy, the United States may not have assisted South Korea during the Korean war and the entire peninsula may have been taken over by the Communist party.

One thought on “Containing Communism

  1. Contingency:

    The world will be different indeed if communism was not contained. Maybe the world right would be all communist. Some governments were nicer to their people than others. Maybe there will no starving children, and no homeless people since capitalism won’t exist and all of the world’s resources was divided evenly amongst everyone. Maybe the world will be peaceful. No wars. No greed. OR maybe just maybe we all would have been worst then we are now under communism. People being killed by the government left and right because of things they have said or done or no reason at all. maybe we all will be starved and living in cramped spaces. Maybe we all will be living in fear.

    I don’t know how the world will be if America did not contain Capitalism; this was just a thought inspired by the post.

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