What If USA Didn’t Intervene

After world war II, the world emerges to two great superpowers. With one side in mostly Asia and Europe-the USSR and other side in the Americas-USA. USSR were spreading communism all over the world, including countries like Germany, China, Veitnam, Cuba, Korea and more. As USSR influenced its neighboring countries rapidly, USA stepped into the regime, trying to stop the spread of communism by using the Containment strategy.

USA was able to fight back in a demoncratic form in korea,Veitnam and Germany to prevent communism domination. If USA didn’t intervene, East and West Germany may be unified as a communist country. North Korea and South Korean may also be unified as a Communist country. USA played major role in keeping communism from widespread around the world, unfortunately, they failed to put Vietnam to unify as a demoncratic country. 

This picture depicts a clear scenario of how JFK was battling against khrushchev while they both sitting on nuclear weapons, alerting everyone that there might be a nuclear war. It clearly showed the tension between USSR and USA when USA tried to contain the widespread of communism.

3 thoughts on “What If USA Didn’t Intervene

  1. The US interventions in the conflicts overseas definitely established itself as a power-hungry nation that attempts to control other countries. This has attracted attention from Russia, and it is one of the reason for Russia’s persistence in defeating the US in multiple aspects. The arm race between US and Russia was a battle for both honor and self-defense.

  2. I think USA’s strategy of systematic intervention of communism not only at home but also extending abroad rendered the nation as playing kind of like an international police role in trying to preserve democracy. It showed how willing US was in trying to ensure democracy and contain communism(which was widely feared in the US).

  3. I agree with Yi Jun that the U.S. is power hungry. The United states wants to put their foot in everything and be either the oppressor or the mediator. Ultimately, it showed how much U.S. believes in their constitution that they would intervene in others business.

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