Christopher Columbus Letter to Lord Raphael Sanchez

“…and great friendship with the king of that land, to such an extent that he took pride in calling me and treating me as brother.” (30)

I found this quote to be particularly important because it really shows the type of relationship Columbus was building with the native people when he initially arrived. It is quite apparent that Columbus is surprised by how amiable the native people are. Columbus building a positive relationship with these people is certainly something he’d want to report back to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella about, to assure them his trip was well worth it. If Columbus was initially sent for trading purposes, and going to India for desirable goods, this new opportunity is definitely going to be something the King and Queen would be interested in. By properly handling his interactions with the Native people, and continuing to befriend them, he could be earning the admiration of the King and Queen. Perhaps Columbus feels motivated to take advantage of his situation, so he can return home to many rewards for his deeds.

One thought on “Christopher Columbus Letter to Lord Raphael Sanchez

  1. The Native Americans being kind to Columbus is definitely an advantage towards him. When you build up relationships with people, and build up trust, it can eventually lead to you taking advantage of certain situations. On page 28 of Columbus’ letter to Ferdinand and Isabella, Columbus states: “It is true that after they have been reassured and have lost this fear, they are so artless and so free with all they possess, that no one would believe it without having seen it. Of anything they have, if you ask them for it, they never say no; rather they invite the person to share it, and show as much love as if they were giving their hearts, and whether the thing be of value or of small price, at once they are content with whatever little thing of whatever kind may be given to them.” This quote shows us that Columbus is indeed shocked by how amiable the Native Americans are and he immediately follows that statement by saying: “….I gave them a thousand good, pleasing things which i had brought, in order that they might be fond of us, and furthermore might be made Christians and be inclined to the love and service of their Highness of the whole Castilian nation” This sentence is a clear understanding that his goal is to take over them. The sentence also shows us that he wants to convert the Native Americans to Christianity.

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