Jenny Luu

Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

Throughout the 18 years I have been alive, I encountered various values and beliefs. The first set of values originated from my family. As soon as I was able to talk, they instilled the importance of respect and education in me, which reflects their Confucius background. I grew up believing that I have to respect people in order to receive respect, and education can affect my life. It is an intangible item with great value that I can take with me anywhere I go.

By age three, I was “expecting” a little brother, which means I was “expected” to be independent. My family’s Confucius background gave me new responsibilities, therefore I was “expected” to care for him in the future. At age three I was not thrilled to have a younger brother. Today, caring for him have became automatic for me. Without a second thought, I would make sure he eats and complete his homework daily. Having a younger brother taught me to be patient.

I was a shy girl, but high school helped me become more confident. I took part in various clubs and internships that gave me a “voice” so people would know that I exist. Taking part in these activities allows me to feel like I belong to something bigger.

I know that my experience at Baruch College will have an impact on my life. My goal for the first semester is to leave a good impression on my professors. I also want to find a club that I am passionate about, and stick to it for the next four years. Throughout my whole college experience, I look forward to completing my four years with a high gpa, in addition to finding myself. People say that college will expose you to many things, which will help me figure out who I want to be.