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Next Steps…


People say that your college experience will be memorable. Now that the first semester is almost over, I can tell that these people are right. In my opinion, I matured more in three months of college than my fours years in high school. Being surrounded by intelligent, and competitive people made me love Baruch. Everyone is proud of who they are, and they are eager to state their opinions. I am able to see things in a different light reinforced by true passion. I was intimidated at first, but I admire the students.

I also learned to take advantage of the resources offered, such as the career center, writing center, library and staffs. In order to make the best of these resources, you have to take initiative and do your part. The resources are not going to come to you; you have to use it. The school offers so much, causing me to be hungry for information. I know that the way I use these resources will affect my future. The college is willing to hold my hand, it is up to me to take it.

There are numerous clubs and organizations at Baruch. I recently got involved in an organization called Toastmasters, which help improve public speaking skills. I have stage fright and Toastmasters gave me a lot of support to become a confident speaker. Clubs and organization is a great place to network. Since many people participate, I had the chance to get advice about college and career goals from upperclassmen.

I can see myself in Toastmasters in the next three years. Because of all the resources available at Baruch, I am confident that I will be prepared when I graduate. I look forward to my development in the next three years. As I have stated before, I matured greatly in just three months. I cannot wait for the next three years.

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  1. You bring up a very good point and I agree with your view that one needs to have the maturity to ask for help. Asking someone else for feedback and advice is a sign of maturity, not weakness and I’m glad to hear that you have been doing that. I really believe that you will succeed in anything that you choose to get involved in. Good going, Jenny!

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