Jenny Luu

What does it mean to serve your community?

The Honors Program acts as a parental figure for Baruch Scholars, placing high expectations to create leaders. As a Baruch Scholar, we have responsibilities such as, keeping a high GPA, being involved in school functions and volunteering for the community. These obstacles challenges our ability to multi task and help us discover our potentials.

No matter how much we complain about our lives; we are lucky compared to many people. It is common to hear people complain about schoolwork, but at least we have schoolwork to complain about. In many countries there is a struggle to obtain education therefore, being able to attend college is a privilege. In addition to the many people who don’t have an education, there are many people who have to pay for their education. As Baruch Scholars, we are able to graduate without debt. Being so lucky, the least we can do is give back.

The Honors Program pushes Baruch Scholar to be active in their communities. Although, the community service requirement may seem like an assignment now, it is slowly shaping our future. When we graduate in 4 years, we will volunteer on our own. Our community service experience will become a part of our life styles. Not only does it encourage us to be good people, but also it exposes us to different views. It allows us to see how privileged we are, and how we should be grateful for everything around us. By understanding differences and being able to manage time will make us effective leaders.

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  1. Laila – I’m glad you see how lucky we really are! The Honors Program hopes that the realization of how fortunate you are helps us want to give back more. By enforcing a minimum 8-hour volunteering commitment, they are hoping that you would find a reason to go above and beyond that and become passionate about a cause.

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