The Renovation of Baruch College’s Main Student Computer Lab Has Begun!

The Project

Baruch College is undertaking a complete renovation and upgrade of the main student computer lab on the sixth floor of the Information and Technology Building at 151 East 25th Street. Work will begin on Wednesday, November 16, and is expected to last through Summer 2017. Our goal is to have the entire facility renovated by the start of classes in Fall 2017.  Although we regret the inconvenience students will experience during the renovation period, the College looks forward to providing an outstanding, new student-centered facility.

The new features of the lab will include:

  • An expansion of the total area of the lab with student seating extending to the windows through the removal of the interior wall on the north side of the floor
  • Easy access to the help desk, relocated to the entrance hall area
  • 6 new student collaboration rooms with special presentation and conferencing equipment
  • New computers at every seat plus new printers, scanners, and other equipment for student use
  • New furnishings— tables, chairs, and lounge seating— to support group work as well as individual work
  • Electrical outlets at every table
  • A bring-your-own-device area

Schedules and Accommodations: What to Expect

The renovation will be accomplished in two phases.

Phase one will start with the construction of a temporary wall to separate the lab’s north and south sides. Full-scale construction will then begin on the south side, while the north side remains open. Once the south side renovation is completed, the south side will reopen.

Phase two of the work will focus on the north side.

Note: While each side is under construction, lab computers will be relocated and available on various floors of the Newman Library. To accommodate extra use of the library, temporary additional seats will be available on each floor for the duration of the project.

The architectural renderings of the renovated lab are provided below.



South side of the lab including collaboration rooms




South side of the lab showing the help desk




South side of the lab from above showing help desk and entrance




North side of the lab with lounge seating and individual work stations from above




Printer alcove and bring-your-own-device area