Week Five: Guillotine Ceremony 2

Attention HouseAuthors! Mr. Kafka is ready to announce whether or not he’s going to use the Power of Reason to save one of the two nominated HouseAuthors!

Kafka: Having won this challenge before, and having been saved by this power twice, I fully recognize the game-changing potential my position holds right now. As such, I do feel it is my duty to repay the favor to Christina and save her as she saved me last week, but I’m conflicted. Her only reason for saving me, as I’m sure she would agree, was just so she could put Charles there in my spot. She could just as easily have saved our dearly departed Moliere, so I don’t feel all that obliged to pay her back. Furthermore, given all our standings this week, if I choose to use the Power of Reason, Herman’s only option for a replacement is Charles. It’s a…. very precarious situation, and I’ve weighed my options carefully. That being said, I choose to use the Power of Reason to sa-

Melville: Franz, are you sure that’s a good idea? We talked about this.

Kafka: Er, yes. Of course. My mind must have slipped for a moment. I choose not to use the Power of Reason this week.

Rossetti: Herman! What did you do?!

Melville: I’ve done nothing, Christina. Just making sure Franz remembers a little agreement we made.

Kafka: I’m ending this ceremony right now.

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