Different Types of Moon-Cakes

Different Types of Mooncakes

Mooncake is the hallmark of the mid-autumn festival and is, made from a variety of fillings and eaten with family and friends. The traditional fillings used in the mooncakes are Lotus seed paste, Sweet bean paste, Five kernels, egg yolk and jujube paste.





• From southern China
• Features: thin skin, rich fillings (coconut, olive seeds, oranges, sausages and roast pork, salted eggs, etc.), sweetness

1.Five kernels and roast pork


2.Red Bean Paste


3.Lotus Seed Paste


Suzhou style:

• Shorten to Su-style mooncake
• date back 1000 years
• Features: soft and very sweet, use flaky dough and lots of sugar and lard

suzhou meat cake


• Represents northern mooncakes 

• Features: the balance between crust & fillings (crispy outside, soft inside), use lots of sesame oil

• the skin-and-filling ratio is 4:6



Non-traditional mooncakes

ice cream style:

Snow Skin style


Vegetable and Fruit style


Chocolate style