Opinions on Moon-Cakes

Although moon cakes are the traditional food in China, some Asian countries also eat moon cakes such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam. However, for people who are from Europe and North America may not know what moon cake is and what Mid-autumn Festival it is.“tasting mooncakes”的图片搜索结果


In order to let foreigners know about Mid-autumn festivals and moon cakes. Some people make Youtube videos on how people react to different types and flavor of moon cakes.

When people interview the foreigners about whether they heard about moon cakes or not, most of them shake their heads. One of them said that she heard about the moon cakes, but she never tried it before.

As they saw the moon cake in the first sight, their impressions are that moon cakes are very pretty and smell good. The first flavor they taste is egg yolk and lotus paste moon cakes. They said that they never taste this kind of food before. Moon cakes actually taste good and similar to ice cream. Later, they tried the red bean paste with egg yolk mooncake. Those people felt that the taste is similar to the one with lotus paste, but they preferred this one more.

However, foreigners smelled the snow skin durian moon cake, they couldn’t accept the smell of it which direct lead to them refuse to eat this mooncake. But one of those foreigners liked to eat and said that it tasted similar to the ice cream. Moreover, they tried the pineapple moon cakes and coconut moon cakes; they all gave good feedback on these two flavors.

Each people have different taste and view on moon cakes. No matter which type of moon cake you like, you should try them. You will not regret!

Here is the link of the interview we discussed above:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaIj20p65P0