Puerto Rico Relief Podcast by Rolando Cruz

More than a month since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, 79% of the island is still without power. Damaged bridges and roadways continue to be a thorn on the islands side as relief efforts are being implemented. There are 51 recorded deaths due to the hurricane, with contaminated water and lack of medical supplies taking most of the blame. While Mayor Yulin Cruz of San Juan, and other representatives have criticized President Donal Trump for the government’s response, unions, small businesses and individuals on the mainland have sprung into action to fill the gap. Rolando Cruz reports from Brooklyn, which has the second largest Puerto Rican community in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Alternate Assignment to the Photoville event



JR is a street artist who started off as, you guessed it, a graffer (graffiti artist); who went by the name of “Face 3,” according to his street art biography. He found a camera on a Paris train back in 2001 and developed more of a creative curiousness that propelled him to be the artists known as JR.

Face to Face is a 2007 joint project between JR and Marco, the “biggest illegal street exhibition ever,” according to JRs official webside.

What’s fascinating is what he did on both sides of the Israel and Palestine boarder wall. He took photos of both Israelis and Palestinians, and attached them to both sides of the wall. As he explained in Ted Talks, at first the citizens from each side enjoyed looking at the photos, but when it was revealed that they were looking at a photo of someone from opposite the wall; they grew upset. Which brings the lesson he’s trying. “After a week, we had the exact same conclusion: these people look the same; they speak almost the same language, like twin brothers raised in different families…We must put them face to face. They will realize.”

Podcast pitches

I have two pitches.

  1. I was thinking about doing a podcast about individual and small business efforts to help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. I will say, this may be tough for me being that it would probably lean a certain direction due to the current administrations lack of effort and view of the Puerto Rican people. I may not be able to stay objective so this may not be a go for me.
  2. I want to do a podcast on the older generation of students attending college, Baruch and others. I want to know how they feel about attending school with those that can be half their ages, the pros and the cons and any experiences they would like to share. (I would also like to write an article with the same concept)

Small Parade, Big Hearts

While I was in route to another event that I had planned on shooting pictures of, I ran into the beginning of small parade which caught my interest. It was the Hudson County Dominican Parade, which I didn’t know existed until that day. I’ve been to the parades in Manhattan in the past, and although the city’s is fairly bigger, there was an intimate element that I appreciated in this experience.

I got my camera out and walked the parade route, which was from 80th Street, all the way to 42nd Street. While I was walking the almost 40 blocks to get to the end of the parade, I snapped some photos that document the preparation of the parade, the workers, and the people who are attending.


I hope you enjoy.