Assignment #1: Photo Essay

Assignment #1: The Photo Essay

Your photo project will consist of 12-20 images in slideshow or scrolling format. Remember, just because this isn’t a typical print news story doesn’t mean you can get away with telling an incomplete story. You will still have to do reporting, and by that I mean you will have to talk to the people you photograph, get their names and info, and take down at least a few quotes. This information will go into detailed captions (2-3 sentences per image) which, together with the photos, will provide a complete narrative.

Your story should have an angle, which is to say, it should be about something. Say you want to do a photo project that features some of the people and places of Crown Heights. What’s a possible angle? Maybe you could peg it to a recent/ongoing news event like the controversy surrounding that new bar Summerhill and get longtime residents who live nearby to weigh in on it and tell you some of the real history of the neighborhood. Or say you want to profile an up-and-coming fashion designer at their first Fashion Week (which happens to be coming up the second week of September and is always a good opportunity for some visual storytelling)—what’s the overarching theme? Are they doing something new? Did they overcome a lot to get here? Does their work provide some kind of social/political commentary?

Other events coming up in the next few weeks that are ripe for story ideas: the West Indian Day Parade (taking place this weekend, if you want to get a real head start), The US Open (the outer practice courts are open to everyone and it’s a good place to find and talk to young lesser-known tennis players and families), the Vendy awards for street food on Governor’s Island, the NYC Unicycle Festival—among many, many other things.

Your pitch will be due Wednesday, September 6. Write a paragraph or two on the blog telling me what you want to do your story on, what kind of access it will require and how you will get that access, and what kind of visuals I can expect.

First draft due Monday, September 25

Final draft due Monday, October 2

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  1. Being that Meadows Fest is approaching (Sept. 15th thru 17th), I want my photoessay to be on the different types of people who attend. The festival is showcasing artists from many genres. I want to capture how stereotypes are smashed in the sense as a rocker listening to a hip-hop act and vice versa. There will also be EDM groups which is like adding international seasoning to an already saturated American dish.

    I’m open for other ideas as well but I think this can have a solid turn out and response.

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