Stephanie Edwards – Photo Essay Pitch

For my photo essay, I would like to do a story on the iconic place of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. I grew up seeing my parents watch and enjoy Seinfeld as their daily late-night entertainment program. However, understandably at my youth, I was unable to interpret what they found to be so hilarious and relatable. Fast forward to the future where I am now a young adult, whenever I watch the show I find it to be just as amusing and great to watch as they had. The show just has this timeless charisma that I believe would be fun and interesting for several generations to come. I want to document this place through pictures to see the variety of people from different backgrounds that are familiar with the place as well as its significance to the hit TV show.

When it comes to obtaining access to Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, the task should be fairly easy since it is an open, public space. I can definietely expect to take some pictures with elements of symmetry from the alining of the buildings. There are many color combinations available since the buildings adjacent to each other are different colors. I hope to capture some decisive moments of the neighborhood animals, the individuals walking by and the vehicles passing by too. From an exploration of multiple angles to point my camera, I should expect some shots of dramatic leading lines such as the staircase leading up to the apartment door. If granted permission, I hope to use “Layers” shots from the top of the staircase. Finally, for the individuals that I’ll be interviewing, I hope to get up close and personal headshots of them.

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