Multimedia Reporting Fall 2016

Radio Pitch: Debate Time!

Although I’m still thinking of other idea I had an idea of traveling around the city, going to different debate viewing parties, and asking people on their thoughts on the elections latest debate. Instead of focusing on the election itself I’m curious to hear what people think of the candidates way of talking to the public, how they answer the really important questions, and their thoughts on how it is all monitored, should it be more strict or is it fine the way it is? things of that nature.

I would like to speak with those who actually watch the debates as oppose to those who have just been keeping up with the election despite their age since my story has an angel on just debates. Some ideas for audio would be to interviews, reactions to the live debates, and just overall thoughts.

47th Annual Harlem Day Parade

My photo essay highlights the 47th Annual African American Day Parade. The parade celebrates Harlem, African American pride and unity.  The diverse group of participants include political leaders, religious organizations, marching bands, civil servants and others.  The participants get the opportunity to showcase their talents and show support of the African American Community.  The parade route is along Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard from 111th Street to 136th Street.

Picture Essay: Valley Stream Community Fest

For my picture essay I chose to go to the Valley Stream Community Fair and document what it was like to be at the fair. I chose to explore how beneficial the fest ended up being for the community. The Fest happens once a year and brought many different elements to the table in terms of culture, the arts, etc. The Fest proved to be a great way for struggling local businesses to build themselves up. The Fest is designed to bring families together. The Fest also provides a place for many locals to show a hidden talent, such as acting, singing, etc(though nothing came of it). Overall the pictures may not be aesthetically pleasing, but I believe there is so much more in the story than anything else. The people I chose to talk to had a blast and so did I. Hope you enjoy it.

Radio Pitch

I’d like to interview people/students and get their opinion about the election. Recently, Barack Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama said they are going to back up Hillary Clinton. Something that the first lady said stood out. She said,” When you stood with Barack on Election Day in 2008-2012, you showed what it means to be stronger together.” ” The stakes are just as high in this election.”

I’d like to focus how the support and encouragement for Hillary from the President and First lady will play out in this election. I want to ask the people I interview, how they feel about the support that Hillary is getting, if they think she’ll win, if it will backfire? What do they think about Hillary as President? Trump as President? How do they see our future?

Lexington Street Fest Photo Essay

I decided to do my project on the annual Lexington Street Fest that is hosted by the YMCA every year. The festival stretches 10 blocks and has dozens of vendors on each side of the street. There was great food, clothes, jewelry, performances and people there promoting good causes. I wanted to show what a variety of things there are to look at and do. I always enjoyed strolling through these fairs when I see them so it was a joy to shoot. Enjoy!