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NYC has always been marked as a democratic city. Historically New York, is not a swing state and more times than not the votes are going to the democratic candidate running for the presidency, however there are many New Yorkers, that are republican, or undecided. New Yorkers have a reputation of being loud, proud, and diverse. As long as you are on their team, they are open minded. Problems start to occur when you dare to be on the other side, or worse on the fence about something. One thing rings true is across the board, New Yorkers, are cynical. Sheila Haya has the story.

AMBI: Subway in motion.

TRACK: Im here in the Flatiron district of Manahattan with
Dennis Zavlanov, an entrepreneur, student of CUNY Baruch, and son of Buharian Jewish immigrants, and above all New Yorker, is voting for Trump.

ACT: ZAVLANOV: He’s not a politician, he never was a politician, he’s a businessman, I am a businessman, I’m just like him and he’s doing whatever he can to help people, not to help the government.

TRACK: For Dennis, a Trump presidency is a chance for entrepreneurs to make it in a world that is run by corporations and conglomerates.

ACT:ZAVLANOV: I like the fact that he wants to lower taxes for businesses, because that means there is more money that I am going to be saving, and more money that I can use that I have saved, towards my business to grow, to bring more business towards this environment, to expand as much as I possibly can, and what that does is that builds up the economy.

TRACK: Although he isn’t happy with either, he feels that Trump is the better choice.

ACT: ZAVLANOV: “Right now, I believe in a lot of things, that he does want to change the way that our government is set up. This is the first time where I am not happy with neither of the candidates, but the fact that one of them is actually wanting to change and be different for everyone else.”

TRACK: Living in liberal Queens, Zavlanov has been in situations where he has felt ridiculed or places in a hateful category based on his political choice.

ACT: ZAVLANOV: “I hate it, I don’t like the fact that these days just because you’re rooting for someone or voting for someone, you’re criticised upon being that certain way. For Instance just because I am voting for Trump doesn’t mean I’m just like him, I have nothing to do with him. I like the things that he is trying to change America into becoming. I like that, that’s the reason I’m voting for him.
TRACK: It is easier for Dennis to keep to himself rather than advocate for the reasons why he is voting for Trump.

ACT: ZAVLANOV: So I tend to shut myself out and keep quiet, and pretend that I don’t hear anything, and pretend to say that I am undecided, meanwhile I am voting for Trump and hoping that he does win. Reason being is because there is a lot of criticism out there, a lot of people think that if you are a Trump supporter than you’re as racist as he is and basically everything that they think negative of him that they think of him they would think of you because you are voting for him.
I don’t believe that’s true, because I am not a racist, I believe in the world where there is peace. I come from a Jewish background

AMBI: Traffic

ACT:RONCHETTI: “My name is Jesse Ronchetti and I am not voting.

TRACK: Jesse is a 3rd generation New Yorker, he works for the union which is heavily influenced and expected for guys to vote for Clinton. Jesse feels that there is no real choice.

ACT: RONCHETTI: Most of the people that I talk to say that they’re not voting, between guys at work and other friends I’ve asked, most people aren’t voting. Our political system is so in shambles, and it’s kind of a disgrace.” so, it is what it is.”

TRACK: This has proven to be a very divided election, whether you are a supporter of either of the candidates the issues for Jesse are within the political system.

ACT: RONCHETTI:“They wanna divide people on simple moral issues, while in the end, both of them, really, there’s no real difference. It’s all a charade to make people think that there’s a choice and there’s not really any choice.There’s a saying, if you’re not a liberal before 30 you don’t have a heart, and if you’re not a conservative after 30 than you don’t have a brain.”

TRACK: With the election only a week away, and the pressures is mounting to vote one way or the other, don’t be surprised if a lot of New yorkers stay home on election day.

For Baruch College this is Sheila Haya, in NYC.

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