Multimedia Reporting Fall 2016

Canada Goose toughen up or go home

Sheila Haya
Final Project

With the holiday season in full swing and the weather becoming colder and colder, it seemed like the perfect time for Canada Goose to make their grand debut in SoHo for the first time.
Store Front SoHo, NYC
Unfortunately, they were not welcome by all.

Canada Goose is an apparel company hailing from the great white north, specializing in down jackets many having a removable fur trim made from coyote. The jackets have become increasingly popular among the fashion savvy snowbirds in New York, as well as other northern states that experience frigid weather.

Not only are they fashionable and high in demand, but also are functional in that they keep their owners extremely warm. Canada Goose is a luxury brand that animal activists want out!
Canada Goose, originating in Toronto, started in 1957. It was designed to withstand particularly cold weather; certain styles were made specifically for scientists in Antarctica, and have become a staple item for Canada Goose. These jackets have always been accessible in the United States, through department stores like Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdales. Yet activists were particularly angry for the opening of the store itself.

Protesters have been outside of the store since the day it opened. They promise to stay lined up outside until the store packs up and goes back to Canada.

Shoppers of Canada Goose are disturbed by the information that they learned about the torturing of coyotes, and the protesters screaming at them. Some fought back at the activists, while others removed the fur trim.

Activists were not afraid to shame those that were lined up outside of the store, waiting to go inside, as well as those that walked out with merchandise. Canada Goose employees also entertained the activists claiming that they have no proof that the brand tortures their animals, or that the its one’s choice to wear fur or not.

Canada Goose hired security guards to stand outside their door.

Police came to try to mediate the fighting, and make sure things didn’t escalate to violence.

In an effort to gain more customers, and make up for the shaming of shoppers, Canada Goose offered complimentary peanuts to their customers, and those passing by.

Protesters in return, offered pamphlets, as well as displayed their tablets, phones, etc, of YouTube videos of animals being tortured for the consumption of fur.

Protestors want to educate those that may not have been aware before this, claiming that this is a global environmental issue that is messing with the ecosystem.

Many activists say that eventually the neighborhood will become upset with all the noise being caused that they will ask Canada Goose to move or shut down, and they are willing to wait it out no matter how cold it gets.
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