Multimedia Reporting Fall 2016

Presidential Election 2016

This year’s 2016 presidential election is probably one of the most crucial elections to date.  Not only does the character of the candidates come into play when constructing the most effective platform, but the candidates’ abilities to put personal attacks to the side and instead use their skills, to effectively run this country. Roblyn Vereen a reporter at Baruch College – New York discusses these very issues with neighborhood voters in the Bronx and Manhattan.






People across the country realize how much of a joke our presidency has become. Our candidates are no longer perfect. They are either liars, or disgusting with their language. People cannot wait to see what the result of this years presidential debate will be. Some people are afraid to even reveal whom they are voting for because today people will judge you based on whom you are voting for. Our Presidential debates are like reality T.V. shows. Who says what, he said that, she said this. Our issue is this is everyday news during the debate era, and right after everyone moves on with their lives and forget everything happened. Most people arent even happy with our candidates. Here we will discuss how Steve Naft feels about the election and why he is voting for Trump as oppose to Hilary.

Political Diaries of Brighton Beach – An Immigrant Phenomenon

As we approach the 2016 presidential election, a common trend seen among the ex-Soviet community of Brighton Beach is a strong preference for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

In Brighton Beach, roughly 85% of the civilians are leaning towards voting for Trump. In a community known to fear constraint, the elderly seem to lay their hope with the candidate who is interested in building a wall to keep others out with a sharp turnaround on immigration policy; going against what America stands for – the land of opportunities/immigrants. Michelle Nys has the story.


We are officially in the last stages of this year’s election. By the time this article is posted there will be less than two weeks away from the actual vote day. Depending on who you ask, this year’s first debate has been rather odd. They’ve had an unusually large impact on the polls as well, according to a CNN article “Hillary Clinton emerges from the first presidential debate with a five-point lead over Donald Trump in the race for the presidency” (A, Jennifer. Post-debate…), giving Hillary Clinton a major boost which started with the first debate and has continued to widen since.

Kevin Galban spoke to New Yorkers about a debate cycle that many saw as more spectacle than substance.

Parenting the Election


Joseph Menzies Sr. and Heather Menzies are middle class patrons that cannot wait for election season to be over. The Menzies have lived in Lynbrook for most of their lives. The election has turned the Menzies home upside down. With each person having a differing opinion. The Menzies are very family oriented and pride themselves on the semblance of togetherness. However, the upcoming election has taken a toll on all involved in the family’s home. Some may say the family is on the cusp of being broken. But to Mr. Menzies it’s just another day in the Menzies household.

The election plays a role in countless households across America. I dove into just one of the many. The Menzies seem to be your typical family, but they are anything from it.

Attached is a copy of my Radio Script.

Stop and Frisk. Who Feels Safe?

The Stop and Frisk seem to be out of the blue, perhaps a new way for police officers to raise their numbers of arrests with acceptable racial profiling. Data collected by the NYCLU (New York Civil Liberties Union) shows the number of arrests at its start in 2002 to be at a surprising high of over 97 thousand arrests with 82 percent of individuals stopped being totally innocent. At its peak in 2011 with over 685 thousand stops it seemed numbers were going up and up for no good reason since 88% of individuals stopped were found innocent as well. In recent years though, numbers have drastically gone down with the amount of stops decreasing to just below 23 thousand with 80% of the stopped found totally innocent.

Though data shows that the White population is the largest group, 44% of the total population, they are not the majority of the stops made. In data analysis of stop and frisks the largest amount of stops were made to Black and Hispanic individuals—and people have been taking notice. Nicole Sack has the story.

Katie Ann Vaccarelli-RADIO PROJECT

Here are my final edits for the radio project. I focused on the Access Hollywood tape that was released and what people’s reactions to it were. I wanted to see what it made people think of Donald Trump and if women were personally offended by the remarks. Overall I got some great reactions from two girls in their 20s and a mother who are not in favor of Trump. I also spoke to a man who was offended by his words against women. Overall people thought he was disrespectful, inexperienced and would ruin the reputation of this country.




Here is my final script as well: