Wikipedia Going Dark Tomorrow (Wednesday)

This is just an FYI as it occurred to me that we may well get questions or complaints on Wednesday–my apologies if you already know all about this:

Wikipedia (along with a number of other sites) is planning to shut itself down for 24 hours this Wednesday as a protest against SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. SOPA (the Senate version is called PIPA, the Protect IP Act). As you might guess, the idea of the act is to stop piracy by making it possible to “blacklist” or shut down sites that host pirated content.

Critics–including a lot of major websites–say that the effect will instead be to cripple them, and cripple access to information in general, because the law would mean any site with anything on it that might possible be piracy could be shut down entirely (so, like one pirated video on YouTube would mean YouTube would disappear).

I imagine Wikipedia and other sites participating in the protest will have explanatory statements on their sites, but I am also guessing we may get questions from students, so it’s probably best to be prepared.

Read more about Wikipedia and other sites going dark on Wednesday:

h/t to Laura Crossett for post idea and language