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Some Full Text Links in Bearcat Search Results Not Working (11/27 Update: Now Working)

11/27/2013 Update: This problem that was reported a few days ago seems to have been corrected. If you encounter any further problems with full text links, please add a comment here about it.

11/25/2013 Original Post: I’ve got a support ticket in with Serials Solutions about a problem that just cropped up today in Bearcat Search (that’s the same thing as the “Articles” search in the yellow search bar on the home page). There are three kinds of search results in any search you run in Bearcat, and one of them is currently not working:

  1. “Full Text Online.” These aren’t working. Usually, when you click on these, you get a SFX menu next directing to you the database where full text can be found. At the moment, when you click them you get our remote access login page even when you are on campus. After you login, you are taken to a generic page listing all the databases that we’ve configured for remote access. The SFX menu is nowhere to be seen.
  2. “Available Online.” These are links that will go directly to the article (if you are off campus, you’ll see our remote access login page first, then you’ll go straight to the article). These kinds of links are still working.
  3. “Citation Online.” These links take you to a page with more details about the article, which Bearcat Search knows we don’t have in full text anywhere online. These links still work.

Bearcat Search---links not working

As soon as Serials Solutions solves this problem, I’ll post an update here on the blog.